PDP1 emulator on flash


This is a Spacewar! running on PDP1 emulator.
The PDP1 emulator is developed by Takashi Toyoshima, and written in ActionScript 3.0 with FlashDevelop, a great free and open source IDE.

About Spacewar!

Spacewar! is the first computer game developed by Steve Russell, et al. for DEC PDP-1.
For more information, please check the Wikipedia.

How to Play

Player 1

A: Rotate L
S: Rotate R
D: Go Ahead
F: Shoot

A+S: Warp!

Player 2

H: Rotate L
J: Rotate R
K: Go Ahead
L: Shoot

H+J: Warp!

Takashi Toyoshima,
2009/09/25 10:13