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  • Your Car and Home Could Soon be Powered by Urine  July 29, 2009  
    Forget gas, batteries — pee is new power source. Urine-powered cars, homes and personal electronic devices could be available in six months. Using a nickel-based electrode, scientists can create large amounts of cheap hydrogen from urine that could be burned or used in fuel cells.
  • Human Sperm created from Stem Cells  July 8, 2009 British scientists have created human sperm using stem cells in a medical first that could revolutionise fertility treatment, they claim. They claim that with some minor changes the sperm could theoretically fertilise an egg to create a child."It could even be possible to create sperm from female stem cells, they say, which would ultimately mean a woman having a baby without a man.” Aldous Huxley’s dreams...

  • Magnetic Movie: Magnetic Fields are Revealed  The secret lives of invisible magnetic fields are revealed as chaotic ever-changing geometries . All action takes place around NASA's Space Sciences Laboratories
  • Virus Bouwt Batterij  6 april 2009 Onderzoekers van MIT hebben een virus ontwikkeld dat lithium-ion batterijen kan maken. De batterijen zijn volgens het onderzoeksteam net zo krachtig als de ‘traditioneel’ gemaakte batterijen, terwijl de productie ervan goedkoper en milieuvriendelijker is.
  • Processor wordt professor: Robot voert Eigenhandig Experimenten Uit 2 april 2009
  • Honda Unveils Helmet: Control a Robot by Thought Alone  March 31, 2009
  • Quest for Artificial Nose to Sniff Out Terrorists’ Fear  March 29, 2009 
    LAW enforcement agencies are seeking scientists to develop an artificial nose that can detect the smell of fear as terrorists pass through security at airports. The US Department of Homeland Security is advertising for specialists to devise airport scanners that will sniff out “deceptive individuals”