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Extensive use of drones under Obama have taken the death count well beyond anything - The Guardian 11 april 2010 A completely new trend has emerged that, in many ways, is more dangerous than the trends under Bush. Extrajudicial killings and targeted assassinations will soon become the main point of contention that Obama's administration will need to justify. Although Bush was known for his support for such policies, the extensive use of drones under Obama have taken the death count well beyond anything that has been seen before. The laws of war do not allow for the targeting of individuals outside of the conflict zone, and yet we now find that extrajudicial killings are taking place in countries as far apart as Yemen, the Horn of Africa and Pakistan.

The policy of discrimination reserved for US citizens showed that there was a line the US was not willing to cross.At least, today, we can strike discrimination off the list of grievances against the current president. The National Security Council of the US has now given specific permission to the CIA to target certain US citizens as part of counter-terrorism operations.
The hope that came with the election of Barack Obama has faded as his policies have indicated nothing more than a reconfiguration of the basic tenet of the Bush Doctrine, being that Obama's doctrine is even more deadly. 

Obama Bin Lyin: Says one thing and does Another...

Obama signs one-year extension of Patriot Act - msnbc The measure would have expired on Sunday without Obama's signature Saturday.The act, which was adopted in the weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, expands the government's ability to monitor Americans in the name of national security. - 18 mrt 2010
PROMISES: Is gov't more open with Obama?- BusinessWeek Obama promised more transparency in government; but review of Freedom-of-Information requests finds he is utilizing more secrecy than Bush. Federal agencies haven't lived up to President Barack Obama's promise of a more open government, increasing their use of legal exemptions to keep records secret during his first year in office. - 20 mrt 2010

Obama, Bush, Blair en Brown aangeklaagd voor oorlogsmisdaden in Irak

■  Duizenden extra Amerikaanse soldaten naar Afghanistan

US Army Experience Center (AEC): Training Kids to Kill

VS gewaarschuwd tegen onrechtmatige executies (Drones)

Nobelprijs voor de Vrede voor Obama

School bombing exposes Obama’s secret war inside Pakistan - TIMESONLINE February 7, 2010   Among the Pakistani public, there has been outcry at the attacks. Surveys constantly show that Pakistanis consider the US a greater threat than the Taliban, despite 3,021 Pakistani deaths in terrorist attacks last year. Obama has banned the Bush-era term “war on terror” and dithered about sending extra troops to Afghanistan, but across the border in Pakistan, the US president has dramatically stepped up the covert war against Islamic extremists.


New Obama Law Will Jail 500,000 Americans

1 juni 2010  -
The United States is about to get a whole lot worse as a new law put forth by President Obama is said capable of seeing up to 500,000 American citizens jailed for the crime of opposing their government. Sparking the concern of Russian diplomats over the growing totalitarian bent of the Obama government is the planned reintroduction of what these reports call one of the most draconian laws ever introduced in a free society that is titled The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act

First introduced in the US Congress in 2007 it failed to pass the US Senate, after which it was believed dead until this past week when it was embraced by Obama who became the first American President to name his own citizens as a threat to his Nations security. And as Obama begins re-focusing his forces from fighting America’s foreign enemies, to those opposed to him in his own country, it is important to remember the warning about this new law given by the former CIA official, Philip Giraldi:   
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U.S. Army Trains to Take On Tea Party

2 mei 2010 - Infowars

An intel advisory issued on Friday, April 23, 2010, identifies terrorist threat adversaries as “Local Militia Groups / Anti-Government Protesters / TEA Party”. In addition to being drunkards, the report describes the Tea Party as bomb-throwers. “Components of bomb making are reported to have been on the site. Some members have criminal records relating to explosive and weapons violations.” In response to the this “immediate threat,” the military established concentration camps for “mass arrests.” Since the end of the Civil War deployment of the U.S. military inside the U.S. has been prohibited under The Posse Comitatus Act. In early 2006, the 109th Congress passed a bill containing controversial provisions granting the president the ability to use federal troops inside the United States in emergency situations.

Americans who attended a Tea Party event, are activists who were more likely than supporters generally to describe themselves as very conservative and had more negative views about the economy and Mr. Obama. They were more angry with Washington and intense in their desires for a smaller federal government and deficit,” the New York Times reported.

Ron Paul Floor Statement on Assassinations

Februari 24 2010
Congressman Paul speaks on the floor about assassinations of Americans (and foreigners) by their own government.

Obama Don't Lecture China on Censorship

5 dec 2009 -toymonk
Depleted Uranium, The Emerging Radiation Crisis in Iraq  US Students: Vermont Takes Lead with withholding investment funds from companies involved in the production of depleted uranium weapons (DU). Many health professionals and scientists, including a former director of the Army's "Depleted Uranium Project" in Iraq, are documenting a dramatic rise in birth defects, cancers, genetic mutations and other conditions consistant with severe radiation exposure. The three largest producers of DU weapons in the United States, are General Dynamics, ATK Alliance Systems, and Aerojet Ordnance Tennessee. Their US financers include Bank of America, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and many moreThe Army has repeatedly denied any link between Depleted Uranium and high rates of cancer or other conditions in Iraq.

Contradicting Army Regulations:  
■ Regulations prohibit the use of DU munitions during training

■ U.S. troops are instructed to avoid any sites where DU weapons have been used — destroyed tanks, exploded bunkers, etc.—and to wear masks if they do have to approach.
     Read more: (6 pages), Depleted Uranium - The Perfect Monster Kills Quietly -

Sluiting Guantánamo niet op tijd, geen nieuwe deadline

19 november 2009
Obama: "De deadline van 22 januari 2010 voor het sluiten van het gevangenenkamp op Guantánamo Bay zal niet gehaald worden." Obama specificeerde geen nieuwe deadline. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, vermoedelijke brein achter 911 zouden terechtstaan voor een Amerikaanse federale rechtbank in New York. Obama; "Zij die zich eraan storen dat Mohammed voor een gewone rechtbank verschijnt, er toch 'niet bepaald aanstoot aan zullen nemen wanneer Mohammed daar de doodstraf krijgt.'  Bron:    (Obama zegt het ene, doet het andere)

Poll nov 2009: Obama verliest populariteit in US - hier nog dom Probama

13 november 2009
Bekijk vooral de grafiek. Hier blijven we maar heel dom Probama, zien enkel een zeer charismatische man (puppet). Hij zegt het ene en doet het andere... 
De groene lijn van goedkeuring zakt drastich en de rode lijn die het dus niet eens is met zijn beleid stijgt van ongeveer 12% (jan 09) naar zo'n 40% (nov 09)  bron:

Obama, Afghanistan and Marijuana

8 nov 2009
This article guides the reader to resources on the Afghan conflict that CNN, FOX etc. aren't telling the "sheep" It argues for immediate withdrawal and explains how Marijuana Legalization would actually help destroy the heroin market which funds both covert US Military operations as well as Islamic Terrorism  Since "911" the American People have been told a lie about our reason for going into Afghanistan. The real reason that the elitists have spent our American "blood and treasure" in both Iraq and Afghanistan is for control of three things: Opium, Natural Gas and Oil. Pay particular attention to the red dashed line (TAPI) running through Afghanistan. That little line represents the pipeline that our government elite would like to build in order to transport the vast oil riches of Turkmenistan. New American Century" (PNAC) wrote a paper in 2000 arguing that we needed a "New Pearl Harbor" in order to have an excuse to go into Iraq and Afghanistan in order to "secure" all of the oil resources from the region. Bush senior, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz and many other members of the Bush Administration (2001 - 2008) made the "911" -- the destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1,2 and 7 -- the "New Pearl Harbor          Read more

Also of interest:  Iran sits on the world's second-largest natural gas reserves after Russia  Oct 31 2009

Fall of the Republic - Alex Jones

1 november 2009
Fall of the Republic (YouTube) geeft een goed beeld weer hoe een corporatieve kartel de economie van de Verenigde Staten gepland failliet aan het maken is  Vele wereldleiders verklaren steeds vaker dat het tijd is geworden voor een wereldregering en dat de dollar zal moeten worden vervangen door een wereldmunt. President Obama heeft zich niet gehouden aan de grondwet door zichzelf als hoofd van de Veiligheidsraad van de Verenigde Naties uit te roepen (Article 1 Section 9 of the US Constitution) Hierbij is hij de eerste Amerikaanse president die daar zitting neemt. De wording van een wetenschappelijk dictatorschap is in de laatste fase beland. Wetgeving die de basisrechten van de mens moeten beschermen worden wereldwijd geschrapt  Een ‘ijzeren muur’ van ‘Hightech onderdrukking’ komt steeds sneller op ons neer.    Bron:

Obama Risks a Military Coup (to "resolve the Obama problem")

October 1, 2009
John L. Perry's column on Newsmax suggests that a military coup to "resolve the Obama problem" is becoming more possible and is not "unrealistic."

Perry also writes that a coup, while not "ideal," may be preferable to "Obama's radical ideal" -- and would "restore and defend the Constitution." Newsmax has since removed the column from its website     Read more


Thousands Protest against Obama's Agenda in 9-12 Project

Watch this first: Glenn Beck his 9/12 message

Obama Bin Lyin: A million march to US Capitol to protest against 'Obama the socialist'

September 12, 2009 
Tens of thousands of people thronged to the National Mall Saturday, propelled by the belief that President Obama will do evil, deny care to the elderly and destroy the Constitution and country (
In Britain and here in Holland they want us to believe this only involves Obama's health care plans, a rally of conservatives, taxpayers in rage. Non mentioning the importance of the Glenn Beck 9/12 project. How deceiving...       Read More

The Obama Deception DVD  
Obama says one thing and does another...

Login (geld voor oude auto in USA) en de Overheid Bezit je PC  4 augustus 2009  Glenn Beck: Cash For Clunkers is a government scam to gain access to your computer De verkoopcijfers van Ford in Amerika zijn in juli licht gestegen ten opzichte van een jaar geleden, aangezwengeld door de inruilpremie van de overheid. Consumenten kunnen sinds vorige week maximaal 4.500 dollar (3.100 euro) ontvangen voor hun oude wagen in het zogeheten cash-for-clunkers progamma. De regering Obama wil vervuilende auto’s van de weg zien te krijgen door aanschaf van een efficiënter exemplaar te stimuleren. Voorwaarde is wel dat de inruilwagens totaal vernietigd worden, velen daarvan zijn nog in goede conditie... erg "milieuvriendelijk"

Ron Paul Strikes Gold: Now a Real Enemy of Obama/Federal Reserve  July 2, 2009  Ron Paul's legislative history is a lesson in principled failure. Which is why Paul's most recent legislative accomplishment is so impressive. He has rallied the majority of the House to support his new cause: an audit of the Federal Reserve. Obama's proposal is to make the Fed a super-regulator; one that can both intervene and responsibly interfere whenever necessary. Yet we don't know anything more about how the Fed does its business...

De wereld volgens Obama: de tegenstrijdigheden

Iedereen die nog gelooft in de 'change' van Obama, raad ik aan eens verder te kijken dan de zo vriendelijk overkomende charismatische uistraling van de beste President.
Obama is een vakman in het meekrijgen en overtuigen van menigten door speciale praattechnieken en lichaams-beweging.

Er is zo ongelooflijk slim gehandeld door Obama en de mensen die hem van achter de schermen aansturen. Het is daarom waarschijnlijk veel mensen ontgaan dat hij langzaam al zijn in het verleden gedane beloftes en statements heeft gewijzigd in  tegenovergestelde richting.

Hij heeft zijn standpunten zo drastisch veranderd maar het enge is, dat mensen zo 'gehopenotiseerd' zijn door hun nieuwe leider, dat ze automatisch ook achter zijn nieuwe standpunten staan. Standpunten die overeenkomen met de agenda die Bush in de afgelopen 8 jaar aan het doorvoeren was.

 The CIA's Intervention in Afghanistan → Mumbai Attacks in Context   January 5 2009 ""Brzezinski:...It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter. We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war..."


Did Obama Cause the Stock Slide?

Wall Street has soured on the new Administration's policy moves. Can this relationship be saved?

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