Senior Design Team 10

Our Objective:
        The goal of the project is to design a therapeutic toy for children with moderate to severe cognitive and physical disabilities by utilizing their interests, ability, and response to therapeutic methods.

Our Concept:
        To better understand the needs of the users, the design team developed a relationship with The Lakeview School in Edison, NJ, a school for children and adults with multiple disabilities. A close examination of the physical and cognitive difficulties the students face, the demands and preferences of their special education teachers, and the materials they currently use in their classroom present an obvious void in the toy market for severely disabled children. There are many special requirements that need to be considered when designing a toy for a severely disabled user. In short, an effective toy needs to be easily accessible and highly stimulating. Teachers are limited to simple childish commercial toys and a small market of adaptive toys, most of which do not meet the requirements that would make them most effective. The goal is to create a toy that a severely disabled child or teenager will be able to manipulate independently in order to gain the enjoyment and developmental benefits of typical play.