Toy Boat Season 3.0 Molly Bloom at King's Books

Next up for Toy Boat Theatre, 
Marilyn Bennett reads Molly Bloom
Peter Pendras accompanies on guitar

One Night ONLY!
Thursday June 16, 2016

FREE; donations to TBT and King's Books gratefully accepted

King's Books

218 St. Helens Avenue

Tacoma, Washington 98402


Fans of James Joyce's modernist novel, Ulysses, and fans of sexy adult literature will be served a treat on "Bloomsday", June 16, at 7:00pm at King's Books in Tacoma. Marilyn Bennett, local actor and Artistic Director of Toy Boat Theatre, will read from the titillating final "inner monologue" of Molly Bloom, as she lays in bed next to her sleeping husband, Leopold, at the end of their day spent apart in alternately mundane and sensual pursuits. Adding atmosphere will be Peter Pendras, local guitarist (and coincidentally, Marilyn's husband), adding strains of classic Irish melodies to moments in the reading.

Join us for a toast to Molly and James Joyce after the reading!