About Toy Boat

Toy Boat Theatre is a selective scavenger. We troll the back alleys and mean streets of Tacoma and environs in search of the overlooked cranny, under-appreciated artist, vintage table with life left in it, and dog-eared, coffee-ringed script with unrealized potential to engage, awaken, even stun. Born of combined community and local university projects, our predecessors have invaded and re-purposed such diverse hosts as Stonegate Pub on South Tacoma Way and the old Kickstand Cafe next to the Grand Cinema. We favor unpretentious yet literate plays which make an honest emotional connection, neither pander nor pontificate, and hold up as the central focus of a production. Emphasis: great acting in a humble house.

What sets Toy Boat apart? Our company members run from emerging theatre makers to seasoned pros.  We are busy in the city, on stages, in museums, universities, factories, corporations and coffee stands.  But after hours we gather to imagine, interpret, construct and share our vision of theatre untethered.

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