Realities and Tacit Conspiracies of today's Health Care and Political System


Regardless of how things can look
like a "conspiracy" because of the pharmaceutical
companies controlling research and legislation with
their lobbyists while also being owned by many of
the same people that control the toxic chemical
industries, there are a few obvious "glitches" in
most "conspiracy theories". 

In reference to the above statement:
Typical Lobbyist Corruption of Health care & Toxic Chemuicals

"POISON FOR PROFIT by Ashley Simmons Hotz"

In short, it appears that maybe these "situations" are
actually the manifestations of our cumulative greed in a
system devoid of true accountability. As explained at
American Roulette - Red Collar Crime

It seems that I have some serious editing to do. I
have been considering the fact that John Du Pont
(now deceased) was diagnosed as "insane". He
was heir to the Du Pont chemical empire.
it has been shown that most mental illnesses are due
to toxic chemical exposures, could Du Pont have been
the victim of "The Toxic Lotto", himself ?

I'll get back to that angle, later on this page. Though
some of this is still being researched and under


Healthcare: The Lobbyiests Hostage, is the Internet Next ?

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Realities and tacit conspiracies of today's health care and political system

Medical bills play a role in 62% of bankruptcies, study says
By Lisa Girion, June 4, 2009 Los Angeles Times

Please consider this information with the following moral:

Tacit Conspiracy Of Complicity - Simplified:

While walking to work each day, I had to cross a stream. I tossed a
rock in to step on and help myself cross each day, on the way to and from work.

Others saw this and did the same. We never discussed it or talked about it.
It was a tacit conspiracy of complicity.

Most of us never imagined that we would create a damn that would flood our
community and kill so many people.

But the few that did realize the impending disaster, set about preparing to
profit off of the coming tragedy, rather than attempt to prevent it. And what
is even worse, are the "measures" they took to keep the information
concealed so the disaster could not be avoided and they could
"make a killing", in profits.

End of quoted moral from a work in progress titled-
Toxic Revelations

Now when people try to "Blow the Whistle" and alert people to the dangers
that they perceive, others oppose them. They are often faced with being
"cut off at their funding", "run out of their career" and "alienated in their profession".

Some examples of that are posted at:

Toxic Reverend - Revelations: The Art of Whistleblowing

And some other factors are posted at:

Epidemiology: Obscured Radiation Reality and "Multiple Combination's" of "The Toxic Lotto"


Leading medical providers like the Cleveland
Clinic and Johns Hopkins in Baltimore are
establishing special programs to give platinum
service to the well-heeled. Depending on the
program, the super-rich customers may receive
massages and sauna time along with their
physical, house calls, and step-to-the-
of-the-line service in testing facilities (158).

While Linda Peeno MD (featured in the movie
"Sicko") gave sworn testimony to the House of
Representatives on the subject of "Denial of
Health Care Services" to insured American's

A Congressional Report states that of the
1,400 chemicals known to cause cancer,
less than 6% are tracked (145B).

The huge transnational companies that
produce toxic chemicals found in
pesticides, herbicides and industrial and
household products profit not only from
the sale of these products, but also from
the symptoms and chronic illnesses that
they can trigger (


By Ashley Simmons Hotz May 15, 2002

This report has been censored from the
and removed from the
Archives Wayback
Machine. But a
number of advocates have been

re-posting the report and copies can be
with a simple Google search on
the title and
"POISON FOR PROFIT Ashley Simmons Hotz"

________ ........................

Even more disturbing is what is termed "the revolving door" from
these companies and their executives into many of the high ranking
administration offices of our government, in Washington DC. From
the National Institute of Health to the Food and Drug Administration
and beyond.

"The revolving door" is easily shown with an Internet

search term, "revolving door washington DC drugs chemical companies".

In short, "Justice has been sold" (101) and millions of dollars put

into "fixing the sale" ( 49). The Los Angeles Times reported that,

"Drug Companies, HMO's Spend Big To Stop New Laws". They

donated hundreds of millions of dollars to political election

campaigns (49, 159 ).

To quote Senator Amy Klobuchar;

The debate on health care in Washington has been dominated by

the drug companies and the insurance companies for way too long.

When our health care policies are written for the insurance companies

and the drug companies instead of America's families, we get things

like Medicare Part D. Medicare Part D gave the prescription drug

companies something like $90 billion a year in Christmas presents

by banning the federal government from negotiating drug prices.

End of quote from Senator Amy Klobuchar

Drug companies are apparently buying out "grass root

organizations like NAMI (68). While they do the

"Poison for Profit" ( 157).

Use this Google search terms to find copies

"POISON FOR PROFIT Ashley Simmons Hotz"


Tracking the Toxic Money Trail of the
"The revolving doors": (Note #2)

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Unfortunately with my wounded brain, I failed in stressing
the "American Roulette" aspect when I was a guest on the

Coast To Coast show. 9-18-2010
Toxic Effects - Shows - Coast to Coast AM
posted at

My bad. "American Roulette" centers around attempting to
develop legislation for mandatory criminal charges against
C.E.O.'s for "Negligent Homicide" with the "Reckless
Operation of a Corporation" that would set a cascading set of
events into motion that would result in fixing many of the
things wrong in our world today.

Including the "Military Industrial Complex"

If you are unaware of what I am ranting about::

Eisenhower Farewell Address -- Military Industrial Complex
Short Youtube video of

The Coast To Coast Show 
"Military Contractors / Belief Systems"
 is now posted at:
One of the main topics was the "Military Industrial Complex"
The show is broadcast to over 500 cities in the USA
with 15,000,000+ Listeners


To simplify the complexity of the
controversy, I will give this example. Bill
Moyers of the Public Broadcasting System
a show named Trade Secrets and has
created a web page of the
same name
26). There is to much documentation
there to list,
in regard to "industry"
covering up the damage to OUR HEALTH
from toxic chemicals, for over fifty years

Bill Moyers was tested for over 800 toxic
chemicals and over 80
chemicals (at
various levels of exposure) were found, in
him. That
presents the potential for more
viable chemicals reaction variations
the pick six lottery in one patient from the
perspective of
Low Dose Cumulative
Effects of Toxic Chemical's ! But
of this, many of the "tolerable
levels of exposure" to a (singular)
chemical have been fraudulently produced
for decades (81).

Current events on this topic of "The Toxic Lotto" that
revolves around the "Toxic Soup" that all of us live in
are at my MySpace profile with links to the
California Biomonitoring Program
and the
"Cumulative Impacts".

Just as toxic chemicals can multiply in their toxicity
when mixed, so can infectious agents increase in their
pathogenic impact. And the the two (toxic chemicals
and infectious agents) usually work in a synergistic

It is suspected that
Camp Mandalay of the Bohemian Grove
might very well have "inside knowledge" that
other members of the Bohemian Grove are not
aware of.

Many camps in the Bohemian Grove contain very
prestigious visitors. You have camps like Cave Man,
Hideaway, Hill Billies, Hillside, Isle of Aves, Lost
Angels, Mandalay, Midway, Owl's Nest,
Sempervirens, Silverado Squatters, and Stowaway.
Mandalay seems to be the camp for international
relations and consists of many members officially or
otherwise connected to the intelligence agencies.
Mandalay is the only camp you cannot just walk into
and before you are allowed on the compound
someone will ask you who you have an appointment
with. If you're cleared for access, you are taken up the
hill with a Bechtel-designed electric pulley. Many
members of camps like Hill Billies or Stowaway
(Rockefellers and Morgans) have been to Mandalay at
one time or another.

It is believed that camp Mandalay was central to
the "Manhattan Project" (the nuclear bomb),
"Project Paper Clip" (that gave Nazi scientists
new identities and continued their research on
American's) and a host of other well document
experiments on hundreds of American cities.

I am all for telling the other members of the
Bohemian Grove what
camp Mandalay has been
up to with the
Non-Lethal Biological
Weapons known as Incapacitating Agents,
playing a part in Chronic Illnesses and cancers
A video titled,
"Biological Weapons Experiments On The American People"
explains it rather well.

When it comes to the effects of toxic chemicals on our gonads
and or our sex drive, there appears to be a cover up and
a conspiracy. Unfortunately, it is much worse than that. After
careful investigation, it seems to me that the circumstance are
due more to incompetence and greed.

This membership list of the Bohemian Grove does list
some of the deceased and their causes of death. Such as
John Du Pont (now deceased) of whom was diagnosed as
"insane". He was heir to the Du Pont chemical empire.
Ralph Bailey was a member of Camp Mandalay and Vice-Chairman
of Du Pont Chemical Company. John Du Pont (heir to the Du Pont
fortune) was a member of the "Isle of Aves" Camp.
John Du Pont was not a member of the Mandalay Camp.

I'll get back to that angle, after I clarify a few points....... Maybe
you could ask Mary Moore and Peter Phillips what they think about this ?

The elite of our society (The Bohemian Grove
crowd) can get caught up and effected by this "Toxic Lotto", too.
Only they have the money (cash) or a different type of health
insurance, that enables them to get properly evaluated at
clinics like the
Environmental Health Center-Dallas

I'll clarify a key point. A peer reviewed medical
journal has shown that the majority of mental
illness is due to toxic chemical exposures
and is not as genetic as they had thought.

In reference:
Article titled;
Environmental Connections: A Deeper Look into Mental Illness

Journal: Environmental Health Perspectives
Volume 115, Number 8, August 2007
Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP ) is a a monthly journal
of peer-
reviewed research and news on the impact of the
environment on human health

End of copy / paste excerpts of posting from;
"Sex for the sake of sex" #83 (permalink)


Also note the excerpt from :>

Nazi T4 Genocide Model Openly Touted By Obama Administration Officials

June 3, 2009 (LPAC)—When Adolf Hitler set up his T4 program, dedicated to eliminating "useless eaters" from Germany's hospitals and nursing homes, he turned to a "non-political" body of medical experts to make the decisions as to who should live, and who should die. It is becoming increasingly obvious that this same model is being adopted by the Obama Administration, in its zeal to ram through its genocidal health care "reform."

End of excerpt from:>


The rough draft of "Toxic Revelations"
has been re-posted at

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