Censored Military, Health Care And Non-Lethal Biological Weapons Information (Incapacitating Agents)

Toxic Revelations;

Censored Information on infectious agents,
Non-lethal Biological Weapons aka "Incapacitating Agents"

are discussed in the documentary below, 

Non-Lethal Biological Warfare Experiments 

On The American People 

A documentary with Garth Nicolson Ph.D. 

by Snowshoe Films about 53 minutes

Now posted at


Please note that 
I am "legally blind" with "low vision" and can hardly keep up with the censorship of the reference material.  I do intend to be updating this entire site, in the near future.

Some of my more recent opinions and perspectives about this are posted at:

Revelations of the Toxic Cuckoo Clock Of Your Health. With regard to 
Chronic Illnesses, Cancers and Non-Lethal 
Biological Weapons Experiments on the 
American Public

Their is a database that summarizes approximately 180 human diseases or conditions by the toxic chemicals that can cause the same symptoms.  You can do a search on the name of an illness and the database will tell you which toxic chemicals are known to be associated with it and or give the same symptoms, at http://www.healthandenvironment.org/tddb

The above database is a work in progress. And I give a partial review and comments about it, along links to research about this issue. With information that the database DOES Not address, at
The Toxic Reverend Tribe {Also in bad need of editing, but the reference material is there and linked in at}> 

"The Toxic Reverend Tribe" 


Toxic chemical combinations and interactions information is at
"The Toxic Lotto" page.

A strategy for reigning in the military  industrial complex with
criminal charges for the reckless operation of a corporation is
posted at 
The Red Collar Crimes Of American Roulette

But first:

The multiple interactions of various combinations:

Combinations of toxic  chemical exposures and interactions, with
combinations of infectious agents
cumulative combinations of radiation exposures
(1, *2*, *3*)

and genetic reaction variations
from  variations in  epigenetic (Genetic Signalling) responses ,
that can be modified with 
Nutrition for the Epigenome of  the  Healing Foods Pyramid

Additional R&D "Information Dump" on Radiation at
(1) Obscured Reality and Multiple Combination's of The Toxic Lotto

Also note:
by Garth Nicolson PhD. 

The Health Costs of Low-Level Ionizing Radiation

 These combination's
often multiply and divide as opposed to
adding and subtracting - The Toxic Lotto
Editing, link updating and research in progress here at


A partial comment update on  Combinations of infectious agents;

While there is some debate with researchers about infectious agents,
participating in such a dialogue makes about as much sense as debating
the earth being flat or round, to me.  Frankly, I am more concerned about
attempting to discover how they interact with other combinations that
can cause them to appear to multiply in the pathogenetic impact when
the infectious agents are present in combination's.

"Just as toxic chemicals can multiply in toxicity when mixed (and impair the immune system, as can radiation exposure), so can infectious agents multiply in their pathogenic potential, when combined" - 

Toxic chemical exposures can reduce the immune systems

ability to deal with sub-clinical (not acute) "stealth" infections,

such as mycoplasma's, that can also impair your immune

system (, 23a). As can radiation.  Some mycoplasma's were

genetically spliced and weaponized and there are a number of

other types of "Incapacitating Agents" besides mycoplasma's,

too.  Many of these infectious agents can multiply in their

pathogenic impact when combined with other infectious agents.

One research article to review is;
(73) titled, "Mycoplasmal Infections in Chronic Illnesses: Fibromyalgia
and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes, Gulf War Illness, HIV-AIDS and
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Medical Sentinel 1999;4:172-176
The Medical Sentinel is the official, peer-reviewed journal of the
Association of American Physiciansand Surgeons.


The ten minute video by Garth Nicolson (below)
explains these "combination's" in some rather
concise terms.

Before we really get into that, 
a short note about myself:

I have severe macular degeneration and can not read a newspaper.
Byt I can blow up the fonts large enough on a computer. And I really
could use some elp with editing my R&D into this.   Just leave me
a comment at this Easter Sermon 08 Blog, if you have an interest 
in helping.


Censored Information on infectious agents
Non-lethal Biological Weapons
"Incapacitating Agents"

Three videos are now posted with my opinion regarding
the information, given after them.  Specifically, the
interaction of toxic chemicals, infectious agents as well
as nutritional influences with some censored information
that can obscure the research of such interactions. This
is also applicable to the current debates regarding vaccinations.
(This is still a work in progress)

Some of these videos are backed up at my Myspace
profile (Garth Nicolson gave me verbal permission)
in case the posted ones do not play or get censored,
see http://www.myspace.com/toxicreverend/videos
Please note that Myspace has disabled some of my links on the profile, so I give web addresses that can
be copied and pasted into another "Tab" or "Browser".
which is one of the reasons that I have not been using myspace very much, anymore.
  But the videos posted at
Myspace are set to "all" and you sjhould not need a
myspace accouint to view them, their.

Ten minute video about vaccines being contaminated
with "mycoplasma's and the fact that vaccines are not
screened for such contamination's. 

The video presentation is by Garth Nicolson Ph.D.
Documented by Snowshoe Films,

Re-posted at:

If you are not familar with "Project Paper Clip" or the
true history of medical experiments, you might want
to take a look at
33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True,
What Every Person Should Know

Now back to the movies, folks.

This next (second) video is;
New Emerging Infections:
Their Development, Testing and Resulting
Chronic Illnesses, with Garth Nicolson Ph.D.
By Snowshoe Films, Documentary about
non-lethal biological weapons known as
"Incapacitating Agents". Their development
and association with numerous chronic illness
and the interactions with toxic chemicals,
radiation, and nutritional influences.
(About 88 minutes) Presentation at
The Common Cause Medical Research
9th Conference August 29-31 2008 Sudbury, Ontario
Posted at:

Garth Nicolson PhD has written and published hundreds of
peer reviewed medical journal articles In this posted video
he states that the medical institutions have not taught
doctors about infectious agents (such as mycoplasma's) for
decades. And that he know the curriculum well because he
has taught it to doctors for decades.
Mention is also made of "Project Paper Clip".

Garth Nicolson PhD web sites are the

 Institute Of Molecular Medicine
Project Day Lily

The third video:

Biological Warfare Experiments on the American People

A documentary with Garth Nicolson Ph.D.

by Snowshoe Films about 53 minutes

Posted at the Toxic Reverend Myspace profile as:
Chronic Illnesses and Biological War on the American Public

If the above video does not play, please go to;


and / or

I have st the profile controls so that you do not need
a Myspace profile to watch them. Though I have had
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--------------- :> 

My opinion;

  The vast majority of doctors are very well intentioned

but lacking in basic nutritional education and toxicology. And even when
a doctor does refer a patient to a toxicologist, the combined impacts of
the various toxic chemicals in a patients body (The Total Body Burden)
is usually not considered. 

Let alone the variations of other complex combination's
that obviously interact with human health.

You might think of this as a toxic combination that interacts
with an infectious combination and both of them interact
with nutritional combination's.
  While many researchers are
looking for a "Magic Bullet" and actively ignoring combination's.

Less than 6% of 1,400 chemicals that are known to threaten
human health are tracked.  A
s an Environmental Technologist
I can not imagine a health care system that could be viable when
it ignores toxic chemical exposures

A Congressional Report about this from May of 2000 is linked
into my blog of 1-23-10
with  an
article from the Los Angeles
Times that explains this in very simple terms.  The article
was titled;  "U.S. Lacks in Toxic Data"
<(Archived copy of a censored web page).

With the average American having between 160 and 200
toxic chemical in their body, the variations for a chemical
reaction exceed those of the lottery. Of which then amounts
to one digit in the multiple combination's and their interactions.

Regardless, it appears that most physicians do not even
test patients for toxic chemical exposures when they
diagnose a patient with one of the 160 plus known chronic
illnesses that are caused by toxic chemical exposures.
 It appears that they only prescribe medications to treat the
There is a database at which you can look up a
chronic illness to see which toxic chemicals are associated
wit it. It is linked in at my "Toxic Reverend - Tribe", with a
partial review.

But the database does not address the "Cumulative effects".

In reference:
The professionally acclaimed
Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and High Stakes,
Second Edition

by Nicholas A. Ashford and Claudia S. Miller
View full version in PDF - FREE Download
or buy a hard copy from Amazon for about $100

California EPA
September 23, 2010

More information on this is posted in The Toxic Lotto section.

Or as I have stated in other places;

"Multiple Combination's" that interact
with each other and apply to 
The Toxic Lotto, with regard to
chemical exposures, infectious agents,
radiation exposures and genetic as
well as epigenetic responses,

that can be modified with
Nutrition for the Epigenome.

  More on this about 2/3's of the way down my
March 2010 blog.

And if this were not complicated enough, please note
the blog I have posted:
Organic Scams and The Politics of Food (free movie)

Many vitamins and supplements are ineffective and or toxic
and can actually make you sick. Depending on the brand name.

Some have the ratios out of balance and the manufactures do not have to list the binders used.
This has a direct impact on research that deals with epigenetic responses,
that can be modified with Nutrition for the Epigenome.

Example: article titled:
“Not All Nutraceuticals Are Created Equal”
Interview with Jack Kleid, MD
JANA Volume 2. No 1., Winter 1999 page 60
More information can be found at
Beyond Health

I do highly recommend that researchers list the names
of the products and
manufactures of the vitamins and
supplements when publishing their research on the
nutritional aspects of various disorders that also includes
any and all information of any financial ties with the products used.
(My favorites are the ones with out any "
financial ties").
Yhis is an important issue with regard a rather large number
of issues.

One example are the "fish oil studies" witrh Omega 3 oil.
Please note that the following article lists fish oil brands
tested, by their order of toxicity
with PCBs,and this cover
up was prior to the BP Oil Disaster

 Fish Oil Company Kicked Out of Trade Show
for Exposing Contamination,
published by  ModernMom.com

Written by ModernMom Staff on March 2, 2010
URL has changed to:

The present "situation" of Gulf Coast Food (and more)
is posted at blog of Sunday January 30th, 2011 titled;

Toxic Gulf Food and Gulf Residents Bleeding from Ears - Eyewitness news video BP Gulf Oil 'Spill':


Now you might doubt this because the main news media has
been ignoring the story.  But consider connecting these next
three Tweets:

FDA needs overhaul report by National Research Council, Institute of Medicine commissioned by Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) http://bit.ly/aSEiqhFri Aug 06 2010 17:46:39
BP accused of 'buying academic silence' http://bit.ly/bkInX5 A Guide Political Interference in Science |http://bit.ly/b2DAKd #oilspill #gulfThu Aug 19 2010 1

Obama appointed Cover Up Guru 
Ken Feinberg 4 the BP Gulf Oil Disaster
12:54 AM Aug 26th, 2010 via Power TwitterRetweeted by toxicreverend and 1 other
End of the triple Toxic Tweet citation.

An example of how corrupted food and supplements can effect
various medical studies should be easy to percieve, if you review this blog>

Proven Program That Prevents Violence & Bullying In School's


The Toxic Conspiracy:

This short Youtube video might explain this aspect, it the best.
It is posted at:

The above video is also posted at "Safe Chemicals - Healthy Families"
with action links, at their page, for "The Safe Chemical Act" legislation.

The advocates behind this legislation are again trying to get it enacted.

Reference material:

Money trail of Who is Who in the toxic chemical war of your health

Reform of Toxic Chemicals Law Collapses as Industry Flexes Its Muscles

Politics Daily October 13, 2010
The article by investigative journalist Sheila Kaplan is the 
first in a series supported by 
the Investigative Reporting Workshop 
at American University's School of Communication.
Politics Daily will publish the remaining installments in the weeks to come.

Poison for Profit; what a business plan By Ashley Simmons Hotz
The huge transnational companies that produce toxic chemicals found in pesticides,
herbicides and industrial and household products profit not only from the sale of these
products, but also from the symptoms and chronic illnesses that they can trigger.


Infectious Combination's:

Lyme Disease from an infectious agent Movie "Under Our Skin"

Mycoplasma's and viruses appear to have a much
higher combined impact than any one of them alone (73).

The Medical Sentinel is the official, peer-reviewed journal of the Association of
American Physicians and Surgeons. They published an article titled,

 "Mycoplasmal Infections in Chronic Illnesses: Fibromyalgia
and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes, Gulf War Illness, HIV-AIDS
and Rheumatoid Arthritis",
Medical Sentinel 1999;4:172-176(73)

The Linking Pathogen in Neurosystemic Diseases
Several strains of mycoplasma have been "engineered" to become more dangerous. They are now being blamed for AIDS, cancer, CFS, MS, CJD and other neurosystemic diseases.
Nexus Magazine, Volume 8, Number 5 (August-September 2001)
by Donald W. Scott, MA, MSc © 2001 President of  The Common Cause
Medical Research Foundation
Censored but Archived at

Special Issue:
The Center for Disease Control on Mycoplasma's

Infectious Causes of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases and Cancer
Gail H. Cassell, Lilly Research Laboratories, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


There are lists of  "Dead Scientists DO Tell Tales" that
the strange and mysterious deaths of scientists
with their names and
the circumstances of their deaths and
the research that they were
known to be doing.


The Sunshine Project was the only real watchdog

group for about biological weapons and biotechnology.

They have suspended operations because of "a lack of

funding and donations". Their page is up in as "archived"

but has not been active.

The PuPPs Theories web site that has posted thus page for me
(and has been tracking the mysterious deaths of microbiologists
since at least 2003) is in danger fo having to shut down from a
lack of donations, too.
Please consider making a Patpal donation to PuPPs Theories.

Thank you, The Toxic Reverend alternate TR blog

American Roulette; "Forget the revolver. We use products and services"
American Roulette - based on "Red Collar Crime".

I am selling nothing. My only intention is to educate & research.

Index - Editing In Progress

Report on censored medical and military information of toxic chemical exposures and biological weapons.
The profiteering of the medical industry on our
The much larger and unedited version is posted at:

I want to discuss and expose things that can dramatically reduce medical expenses.
Rather than argue about how to reduce the services and or the type of services.
Be that single payer health care or what ever.  We need to start building a consensus
on a viable course of action that will address the problems, rather than treat the
symptoms of toxic chemical exposures.  As well as the cumulative effects that I call
The Toxic Lotto. Of which also addresses low grade infections of "non-lethal biological 
weapons" that are also known as "Incapacitating Agents".

The sub-page;
Realities and Tacit Conspiracies of today's Health Care and Political System

now states that such conspircies are not always what they seems. It does

get complicated and I have some editing to do there.


A Congressional Bill Action Alert - Monitoring Toxic Chemicals in cancers and chronic illnesses

As an Environmental Technologist, I can not imagine a health care system that
could be viable, so long as it ignores the effects of toxic chemicals on human health - TR

Congress has introduced critical legislation to
create a national program combining data from
disease registries, environmental pollution
reporting and biomonitoring programs,
which measures the presence of chemicals in
your body, to connect the dots between
environmental exposures and major health

In July 2009, Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Louise Slaughter, both long-time champions of health tracking, introduced the Coordinated Environmental Public Health Network Act in the U.S. House. In addition to advocating for the House legislation, we continue to work with Senate allies, including Sen. Orrin Hatch, to find ways to move the legislation in the Senate.

You Can Help
The House bill needs our support! If your Representative hasn’t already signed on as a co-sponsor, ask him or her to sign on now. Reps. Tammy Baldwin (Wisc.), Lois Capps (Calif.), Bill Delahunt (Mass.), Rosa DeLauro (Conn.), Bob Filner (Calif.), Gene Green (Texas), Raul Grijalva (Ariz.), Phil Hare (Ill.), Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), Edward Markey (Mass.), Betty McCollum (Minn.), Jan Schakowsky (Ill.) and José Serrano (N.Y.) are already co-sponsors.

An action alert to e-mail your Congressperson is posted at:


As stated, the bill includes "biomonitoring" and they are well aware of The Toxic Lotto
But I do not yet know if this will include screening for sub-clinical infectious agents that
can work synergistically with toxic chemical exposures. As I have explained at
The Toxic Lotto of which applies to numerous chronic illnesses, including mental illness.
Two peer reviewed medical journal about biomonitoring and the low dose cumulative effects
of toxic chemicals. One explains the association with various illness (D) (such as heart
attacks) and the other gives technical data (C) about the use of them.
Of which could
explain variances in heart rhythm disturbances, from the use of a taser.

Environmental Connections: Toxic Victims or Mentally Ill ? (view more of this blog)

Blog cites peer reviewed medical journals about mental illness caused by toxic chemical exposures
and another concerning "infectious agents" (aka "Incapacitating Agents") with "behavioral problems".

Example regarding the nedd for toxic chemical testing in patients with chronic illnesses and cancers:

U.S. Lags in Toxicity Data
( 157a )
Wednesday, May 3, 2000,
Los Angeles Times,
By SUNNY KAPLAN, Times Staff Writer
The link to the Congressional Report in question at
the above linked in newspaper story is at

Quotes from the Los Angles newspaper article ( 157a )>

A Congressional study reviewed more than 1,400 chemicals that pose
 potential threats to human health and found that only 6% are being
tracked by HHS and the EPA.

And only a small percentage of the chemicals known
or thought to be carcinogenic are being
tracked by the government, the study found.
In some situations where medical experts wanted to collect 
"human exposure" data--from blood, hair or urine, for example
and examine it for chemicals, they were constrained by financial
resources, the study found. Such situations included suspected
"cancer clusters" or contact with toxic chemicals. State and
federal environmental health officials said that current budgets
allow them to collect or use such data in less than half the cases
where they thought it to be necessary.

Even when laboratories have the capacity to collect the data,
no laboratory method has been developed for assessing exposure
levels in human tissue for many of the 1,400 chemicals known to
pose a threat to human health, the report said.

End of quotes from the article ( 157a )

The simple facts are that chemical companies developed chemical and
biological weapons for our country. Back in World War One and Two,
they made things like nerve gas. At some point, the watered down the
nerve gas and started calling them "pesticides".

The report
"Poison for Profit" documents that the chemical companies
and the pharmaceutical companies are really controlled by the same people.

Since "Poison For Profit" has been censored and even removed from the
Archives Wayback Machine, I have uploaded a pdf version of the report at
the bottom of this page as, Poison_for_Profit.pdf 26k -
A number of other advocates have also been re-posting the entire
"Poison For Profit" web page and it can be found with a Google search
on the title and authors name:
"POISON FOR PROFIT Ashley Simmons Hotz" (157)

A database that lists illnesses with toxic chemicals that can cause them is now
linked in with a review and comments at my Toxic Reverend Tribe profile

Just as toxic chemicals can multiply in their toxicity when mixed, so can infectious

agents increase in their pathogenic impact. And the the two (toxic chemicals and

infectious agents) usually work in a synergistic manner. Radiation exposure can

also impact these combinations and any or all can impair the immune system.

   One of the conclusions that I have come to is that the combination's of toxic chemicals

(the "Toxic Lotto") can work synergistic with various combination's of infectious agents

combination's. The third "combination is nutritional with the recovery aspect.  And a simple

Google search term like "Organic Scam" reveals the corruption of even the politics of food

as well as the food itself, that obscures this third combination. I have posted blogs about the

corruption of the EPA, FDA and more, that has been exposed by the Union of Concerned

Scientists at The Toxic Reverend Myspace profile www.myspace.com/toxicreverend

  The combination's of infectious agents has been
obscured by several factors.  One is that the teaching
institutions stopped teaching about some infectious
agents (such as mycoplasma's) about 25 years ago. 
Mycoplasma's have been studied as a non-lethal
biological weapon for decades on hundreds of
American cities and are well documented in peer
reviewed medical journals as being associated
with a few dozen chronic illnesses.  While a few
hundred microbiologists (that would normally teach
and inform the medical community about infectious
agents) have died under extremely strange and
mysterious circumstances.

-------- Important update ------- :>

The Sunshine Project was the only real watchdog group for about
biological weapons and biotechnology. They have suspended
operations because of a lack of funding and donations.

The PuPPs Theories web site that has posted thus page for me
(and has been tracking the mysterious deaths of microbiologists
 since at least 2003) is in danger fo having to shut down from a
lack of donations, too.

Steve Quayle has also been tracking the
Dead Scientists at

Author Theorizes 40
Microbiologists Killed Before
Unleashing ‘The Ultimate Epidemic’

Free Press International

Please note that the list is from 2005 and far
from a complete list, considering there have
probably  been more deaths since 2005 and
there is a four year gap.

A simple video about vaccines is also posred at my
profile, in the video section at

Deadly Vaccines - Contamin ated with Mycoplasma's


Swine Flu  Vaccinations Risks


These mycoplasma's have been around for thousands of years. In fact, a
mummy had been shown to have died from such an infection (walking pneumonia).
Back then, parasitic infections and malnutrition were the main "factors". Today we
 have the Low Dose Cumulative Effect's of Toxic Chemicals, as well.

Biological Weapons as non-lethal "incapacitating agents" in chronic illnesses . And

the sick Gulf War Vets movie "Beyond Treason". 

Quote from the Vets at "Beyond Treason, " What you don't know about

your government could kill you... Department of Defense documents

obtained through the Freedom of Information Act expose the horrific

underworld of the disposable army mentality and the government funded

experimentation upon US citizens conducted without their knowledge or

consent.". End of quote.

Even the Center For Disease Control now has reports posted on mycoplasma and cancer
M49; Special Issue: The Center for Disease Control on Mycoplasma's
Infectious Causes of Chronic Inflammatory Diseases and Cancer 
Gail H. Cassell, Lilly Research Laboratories, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


Thank you, The Toxic Reverend alternate TR blog