Colin Rees artist

Observation of the smallest detail has the potential to lead me to a greater understanding of the alchemic processes at work as I go about making art, thereby showing me new artistic avenues that can be explored in and through my work.

As the world moves beyond the postmodern, critical postmodern recognizes the phantasm of advertising and shopping malls as a materially destructive force. It explores the effect this phantasm has throughout the world. The critical postmodern artist recognizes the need for art works which are not merely expensive status symbols, but which act as independent lenses onto a troubled world. In this praxis the critical postmodern artist recognizes the need for some form of ethics, [and] integrity’. (Koscianski, 2002. What is Critical Postmodern Art? First published in, Tamara, the Journal of Critical Postmodern Behavioral Science. Article available online at )

Working in the critical postmodern, as described by Koscianski, and as I attempt to use my art as critique of Capitalism and consumerism, a major cause of pollution, my art, as well as myself, are changed and this has been an indirect response to concerns about the damage humans are doing to the earth.

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