Smart Music Subscription

**Students are not required to purchase a Smart Music Subscription for the 2016-17 school year.

SmartMusic helps students practice their music at home. It also helps teachers evaluate students on an individual basis.
All Band, Orchestra, and Chorus students are required to use SmartMusic.  The website is located at

SmartMusic transforms the way students practice and learn. This interactive tool, used by music educators across the country to enhance their programs, provides a way to see a dramatic improvement in students’ skills. As they play along with music onscreen, it gives students immediate feedback on their performance by showing correct pitches and rhythms in green and incorrect in red. They also are able hear their part in context with SmartMusic’s background accompaniment of a full ensemble.


SmartMusic will be at the core of our music department’s assessment tool this year. We will have 2 smart music practice rooms at school that students can use, in addition to their home subscription.


Student subscription is $40 per year per person. If you have multiple children using SmartMusic, they will each need to pay $50.  This comes with the added benefit of using a subscription on multiple devices at school or home, including the SmartMusic iPad version.


Visit to download the program to your computer!