BSO Side-by-Side & Young Soloist Information

All information about these events will be sent in an announcement email from the music teachers.

See calendar for Application Dealines, Auditions, and Performance dates.  (December/January/February)


  • The nomination form deadline is in JanuaryThe audition is scheduled for later that month.
  • Registration for a 10 minute audition time slot is from 3:30 pm to 6 pm.
  • Wind and percussion students are responsible for the Senior All-State Band audition material and will also be asked to sight-read.
  • String students are responsible for the etude and sight-reading only. The excerpts from the Senior All-State Orchestra audition will not be a part of this selection process.
  • Scales ARE a part of this audition.
  • No prepared material will be played in its entirety. Smaller sections of the material will be requested by the judge at the actual audition and the requested section will be clearly marked in the music.

Young Soloist

  • The nomination form deadline is in December/January.  The audition is scheduled for later that month.  
  • Students will be assigned a five minute audition slot and they must supply their own accompanist for the audition.
  • Please see requirements page (attached) for audition requirements and eligibility.
  • The expectations of the soloist are extremely high and those auditioning should be capable of achieving a superior rating on a grade VI in a Maryland district Solo & Ensemble Festival
  • Pianists and vocalists are encouraged to audition.