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Town of Shirley's Honor Roll
                                                                Aerial View of Shirley Pond
 Formerly the Shirley Elementary School, in 2010 this building became the Shirley Town Office.

Early Morning View on Shirley Pond

As of Oct 15, 2020 you may License your dog for 2021 
Dog's need to be licensed by December 31st.
Non altered dogs $11.00-----Altered Dogs $6.00
Up to date Rabies Certificates are needed and
proof of Neutering or Spaying. 
 If you have licensed
 the dog in Shirley before I keep a record.
If dogs are not licensed by January 31st,
there will be a $25.00 late fee charge.

For General Assistance
 Contact the Town Office or view notice on Town Office front door at 89 West Rd.