PO Box 206       8 Community Drive Leeds, ME 04263      Phone: 207-524-5171       Fax: 207-524-2451
Open Monday 12:30pm-4:30pm, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm Wednesday evening 7-9pm and Friday 8:30am-12:30pm

Thank you DeeDee Grant at Captured Moments Photography located in Leeds
for the beautiful pictures of the ice storm.

Leeds is a lovely small rural community located in
Androscoggin County, Maine. The town was incorporated
in 1801 and many features from long ago remain today. 
Leeds is dotted with multi-generation farmland, unique
natural features and an impressive history.


Mailboxes are in  the right of way by permission of the municipality and if damages, there is no legal entitlement to replacement or payment. Each municipality has its own policy regarding mailbox replacement. If the municipality is in the right-of-way, the municipality has a legitimate concern for the safety of drivers and for its own potential liability under the Highway Defect Act, since a mailbox that is a "deadly fixed object" may be a highway defect. If outside the right-of-way-, however, the mailbox is on private property and is beyond the municipality's jurisdiction. No municipality should tolerate the presence of "deadly fixed object" mailbox posts (such as concrete, granite or steel I-Beam posts) in the right-of-way since this could constitute a "highway defect". Municipality should request immediate removal of post by landowner (who also could be held liable for property damage or personal injury). However, if landowner does not cooperate, it is better to obtain a court order for removal instead of municipality exercising "self-help" and removing post itself. 
 ATV, Boat and Snowmobile Registrations


Transfer Station
Located on Ridge Road                 
Recycle Center
Located on Route 106                 
Open April 1-October 31            
Wednesday 11am-4pm and Saturday 8am-5pm
Open November 1-March 31        
Wednesday 11am-4pm and Saturday 8am-4pm



Dog licenses are due by December 31, 2013 to avoid a late fee. Licenses are available at the town office or online by following the dog licensing link below.


Taxes are due semi-annually on Nov. 1, 2013 and
May 1, 2014. The current mil rate for taxes is 15.80.