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Office Phone: 715-275-3309, Please leave a message.
               Fax: 715-275-4442

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        Clerk Hours:    
                Monday, 9:00 am-1:00 pm and Tuesday, from 3:30 pm-5:30 pm
                For appointment with clerk, call Jess at 321-689-8194.
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        Treasurer Hours:
                For appointment with treasurer, call Melissa at 715-216-4112.
                Treasurer email:

Regular Town of Elcho Meetings are held the Third Thursday of each month,
at the Town Hall, beginning at 7:00 PM.

CHAIRMAN:      Gary Johnson, P.O. Box 397, Elcho, WI 54428.....……….715-610-4445

SUPERVISOR:  Jeff McKinney, N10544 E. Isle of Pine Dr., Elcho, WI 54428.....715-216-2530

SUPERVISOR:  Paul Gray, W10275 County Rd. K, Elcho, WI 54428…………….715-610-0011

CLERK:          Jess Olenski, N11446 County Rd. K, Elcho, WI 54428,..  321-689-8194

TREASURER:  Melissa Siemers, N11290 Riordan St., Elcho, WI 54428........ 715-216-4112
                     2018 tax payments made to the town at the county website at:

ASSESSOR:   Kelly Zillmer, E6289 Knaack Road, Marion, WI 54950 ................715-754-2861

PLEASE NOTE:  If the Elcho School is closed due to weather, the Town Office will be closed.



Regular Monthly Town Board Meeting - August 15, 2019 7:00 PM

Notice to Town of Elcho

Residents of the Town of Elcho

 Storm Debris Dump Sites

 Will be Closed until further

notice . Posted 8/8/2019



Town of Elcho

N11234 Dorr Street, PO box 206, Elcho, WI  54428

Phone 715-275-3309 – fax 715-275-4442


Gary Johnson, Chairman

Jeff McKinney, Supervisor – Paul Gray, Supervisor

Melissa Siemers, Treasurer – Jess Olenski, Clerk



Town of Elcho Meeting Agenda

August 15, 2019, 7:00 PM

 Elcho Town Hall



  1. Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance.


  1. Public Comments on Agenda Items.


  1. Review/approve the meeting minutes from July 18, 2019, and minutes from special Meeting on July 24, 2019.


  1. Review/approve financial reports and pre-paid bills.


  1. EMS, Fire and Pavilion reports.


  1. Discussion and possible action on roads/repairs.


  1. Discussion and possible action on hiring of road crew employee.


  1. Discussion and possible action on hiring of Animal Control Officer.


  1. Correspondence


  1. Adjourn


Posted this 12th day of August, 2019

Jess Olenski, Town Clerk

If special accommodations are required for someone who is disabled, please call Jess at 321-689-8149 at least 48 hours in advance so that the appropriate accommodations may be made.


  These minutes are just a draft and have not been reviewed or approved.



Town of Elcho

N11234 Dorr Street, PO box 206, Elcho, WI  54428

Phone 715-275-3309 – fax 715-275-4442

                                                     Gary Johnson, Chairman

Jeff McKinney, Supervisor – Paul Gray, Supervisor

Melissa Siemers, Treasurer –Jess Olenski , Clerk


Town of Elcho Special Meeting Minutes

July 24, 2019, 6:00 PM

 Elcho Town Hall





1.    Chairman Johnson called the meeting to order at 6:06 pm. Supervisors Gray and McKinney, Clerk Jess Olenski, Treasurer Melissa Siemers, and Deputy Clerk Greg Mejak were present.


2.    Chairman Johnson stated to those in attendance that all crews were working to clear roads, and every available piece of equipment was on the job. He also reassured everyone that the Town was going to do curbside pickup of brush and storm debris, but also made clear that it would take some time, and asked for patience and understanding from the public.


3.    Chairman Johnson wanted it to be made known how grateful he was for all the donations and help the Town has received from the following; Wal Mart, Fleet Farm, Menards, Dollar General of Elcho, Pepsi, Great Lakes Coca Cola, Trigs of Rhinelander, CoVantage Credit Union, Culvers, North Trail Store, and many citizens who wished to remain anonymous. There are sure to be many others added to this list.



4.    Chairman Johnson stated that the Town had dumpsters brought in for garbage only, and they were placed east of the Post Office in the parking lot.


5.    There was mention by some of the contractors who were concerned about people out sightseeing. PLEASE wait until the cleanup effort is under control to do so. That is just extra traffic that everyone has to watch out for.


6.    Chairman Johnson told all in attendance that he and the Clerk were at a meeting Tuesday with the Wisconsin Emergency Management team, Langlade County Emergency Management, and Oneida County Emergency Management. We are in process of filing for some assistance from the Wisconsin Disaster Fund.


7.    Chairman Johnson stated that Langlade County was out clearing ditches along County K, and County U.


8.    There was discussion about ongoing work by WPS and the many contractors helping to restore the power and what a great job everyone thought they were doing.


9.    Chairman Johnson stated that the Town was supplying lunch at the Brat Barn for the contractors, Linemen, and all who are helping out, as well as those in need for the time being, on a donation basis.


10.  The meeting was adjourned at 6:41












Submitted this 26th day of July, 2019

Jess Olenski, Town Clerk

















APRIL 2, 2019



Chairman:                             *Gary Johnson                     372


Supervisor:                           *Paul A. Gray                        283

                                                *Jeff McKinney                     267

                                                 Ryan Siemers                      155


Clerk:                                      *Jess Olenski                       297

                                                 Christine Feliciano             109


Treasurer:                             *Melissa Siemers                 364





Mary Moore                                              231

Brenda Riemer                                        176

Ann Mas                                                   207

Rocky Siemers                                        134





The Town of Elcho is establishing an eligibility list for full time Emergency Medical Service personnel.  Pay will be based on licensing level with a minimum of EMT basic. These positions will also include some other duties as assigned.


Resumes and applications will be accepted at the Elcho Town Hall, N11234 Dorr Street, Elcho, WI, 715-275-3309

or by mail at Town of Elcho, PO Box 206, Elcho, WI 54428.


The Town of Elcho is looking for a part-time, fill in transfer station attendant.

Must be able to work weekends. 

Applications will be accepted at the Elcho Town Hall N11234 Dorr St., Elcho, WI  

or by mail at Town of Elcho, PO Box 206, Elcho, WI 54428