Welcome To Bethany, Indiana

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Welcome to the Town Of Bethany
Bethany is a very small town in Morgan County, Indiana. How small? Well, as of the last Census in 2000, Bethany had a population of only 94, but the town has a rich history.

Once, Bethany (Bethany Park) was a Christian Retreat created by Disciples of Christ Church in 1884 as a location to host their meetings. Several structures were constructed, and included a restaurant, Cottage, tabernacle, and Hotel, in the area where Bethany's Town Hall is now located. The Indiana Historical Society has several photo's of Bethany, which we've provided.

Later it became a place to retreat, and folks traveled from far and wide to relax along the large lake and Lagoon. Many folks traveled to Bethany aboard the InterUrban Rail to enjoy the Town's recreation and festivities. While the InterUrban no longer runs, and the lake is gone now because of a levy breaking, the Town hopes to one day see it restored.

Today, Bethany's Town Hall is located in the area where the Hotel once stood. Each month the Bethany Town Council meets on the 4th Monday in the Town Hall at 7:30pm. If the date changes a notice is posted at the Town Hall with the new date.

Bethany Facts:
  • Bethany's on the Eastern Standard time zone
  • The Town's elevation is 650 feet
  • Bethany's GPS location is 39.532N with a longitude of -86.375W