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January 2012

Date ReceivedReceived From Type of Document Grantor Grantee Charge Date Paid Date Returned Returned To 
1/3/12 10:15AMBarton Village Inc Lien Naomi DeanBarton Village Inc  10.00 1/3/12 1/10/12 Barton Village Inc 
1/3/12 10:15AM Barton Village Inc Lien James EvansBarton Village Inc 10.00 1/3/12 1/10/12 Barton Village Inc
1/3/12 10:15AM Barton Village Inc Lien Paul Whittall Barton Village Inc 10.00 1/3/121/10/12Barton Village Inc
1/3/12 10:15AM May and Davies Warranty Deed Raymond H McCoy Michael Remesch 20.00 1/3/12 1/10/11 May and Davies 
1/3/12 10:15AM Timothy S Hawkins Inc Mortgage Discharge New England Federal Credit Union Jesse W Ingalls 10.00 1/3/12 1/10/12 Timothy S Hawkins Inc 
1/3/12 10:15AM Timothy S Hawkins Inc Mortgage DeedJesse W and Sally A Ingalls New England Federal Credit Union 160.00 1/3/12 1/10/12 Timothy S Hawkins Inc 
1/4/12 10:55AM Morrissette and Young LLP Mobile Home Bill of Sale Mark Bean Roger LeBlanc 10.00 1/4/12 1/10/12 Morrissette and Young LLP 
1/4/12 10:55AM Morrissette and Young LLP     Mobile Home Bill of Sale Roger P LeBlanc Mark A Bean 10.00 1/4/12 1/10/12 Morrissette and Young LLP 
1/4/12 10:55AM Morrissette and Young LLP Mobile Home Bill of Sale Roger  P LeBlanc Mark  A Bean 10.00 1/4/12 1/10/12 Morrissette and Young LLP 
1/4/12 10:55AM Morrissette and Young LLP Warranty Deed Roger P LeBlanc Mark A Bean 20.00 1/4/12 1/10/12 Morrissette and Young LLP 
1/4/12 10:55AM Morrissette and Young LLP Mortgage Deed and Assignment of RentsMark Bean Passumpsic Savings Bank 110.00 1/4/12 1/10/12 Morrissette and Young LLP 
1/4/12 10:55AM    Morrissette and Young LLP UCC Mark Bean Passumpsic Savings Bank  20.001/4/12 1/10/12 Morrissetee and Young LLP 
1/9/12 8:13AM Kenneth Foote Certificate of Occupancy 
Randall E
Town of Barton 10.00 1/9/12 1/10/12 Randall E Swartz 
1/9/12 10:30AM Jennifer Thomas Jarvis  LLC Mortgage Discharge Michael and Jeannette F Auger Gerald and Christine Fortin10.00 1/9/12 1/10/12 Jennifer Thomas Jarvis LLC 
1/9/12 10:30AM May and Davies Decree of Partial Distribution Carl F Larose EstateClarence Larose 20.00 1/9/12 1/10/12 May and Davies 
1/9/12 10:30AM May and Davies Warranty Deed Tami Stone Roy A Stone and Liza L Lamere20.00  1/9/121/11/12 May and Davies 
1/9/12 10:30AM May and Davies Mobile Home Bill of Sale Tami Stone Roy A Stone and Liza L Lamere 10.00 1/9/12 1/11/12 May and Davies 
1/9/12 10:30AM May and Davies Act 250 Documents
Bruce Stone and Douglas
Agency of Environmental Conservation 20.00 1/9/12 1/11/12 May and Davies
1/9/12 10:30AMMay and Davies Mortgage Deed Roy Stone and Liza L Lamere MERS 170.00  1/9/121/11/12 May and Davies 
1/11/12 10:30AMCommunity National Bank   Mortgage Discharge Community National Bank Robert and Alicia Walker 10.00 1/11/12 1/17/12     
Community National Bank
1/11/12 10:30AM     Community National Bank Mortgage DischargeCommunity National Bank Dennis & Cathy A Commins and Sylvain C & Tammy Gagnon 10.00 1/11/12 1/17/12Sylvain C & Tammy Gagnon 
1/12/12 10:30AM NorthCountry Federal Credit Union Mortgage Discharge NorthCountry Federal Credit Union  Edward Westover10.00 1/12/12 1/17/12 NorthCountry Federal Credit Union 
1/12/12 10:30AM NorthCountry Federal Credit Union Mortgage Discharge NorthCountry Federal Credit Union Jason & Gabrielle Renault 10.00  1/12/121/17/12 NorthCountry Federal Credit Union 
1/13/12 9:50AM State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Land Use Permit Baumritter Corporation Ethan Allen Retail Inc  Vermont Agency of Natural Resources20.00 1/20/12 1/17/12 Ethan Allen Retail Inc 
1/17/12 8:00AMKenneth Foote Zoning Permit Martha Young Town of Barton 40.00 1/17/12 1/17/12 Martha Young 
1/17/12 10:40AMCommunity National BankMortgage Discharge Community National Bank Tami Stone10.00  1/17/121/27/12Tami Stone 
1/17/12 10:40AM Community National Bank Mortgage DischargeCommunity National Bank 
Tami Stone
10.00  1/17/121/27/12
Tami Stone 
1/18/12 10:30AM May and Davies Quit Claim Karen L Blanchette Wayne B Karl D Kevin A Ronald F Rice 20.00 1/18/12 1/27/12May and Davies 
1/18/12 10:30AM May and DaviesWarranty DeedDavid Joseph Diana Joseph 20.00  1/18/121/27/12 May and Davies
1/18/12 10:30AM May and Davies Mortgage Deed Diana Joseph David Joseph 20.00  1/18/121/27/12 May and Davies 
1/18/12 10:30AM Vermont Dept of Taxes Lien ReleaseVermont Dept of Taxes DDL Inc 10.00  2/3/121/27/12     Vermont Dept of Taxes 
1/19/12 10:30AM Shechtman Halperin and Savage LLP Mortgage Assignment MERS Bank of New York Mellon 10.00 1/19/12  1/27/12Shechtman Halperin  and Savage LLP 
1/20/12 10:30AM NorthCountry Federal Credit Union Revolving Credit Mortgage Bonnie L Ingalls NorthCountry Federal Credit Union 70.00 1/20/12 1/27/12 NorthCountry Federal Credit Union 
1/20/12 10:30AM Benjamin Bookchin and Durrell PC Warranty Deed Robert F Lowe Peter R LeBlanc 20.00 1/20/12 1/27/12 Benjamin Bookchin and Durrell PC 
1/20/12 10:30AM Benjamin Bookchin and Durrell PC
Robert F LowePeter R LeBlanc 20.00 1/20/12 1/27/12 Benjamin Bookchin and Durrell PC 
1/20/12 10:30AM Benjamin Bookchin and Durrell PC Mortgage Modification Agreement Robert F Lowe and Peter R LeBlanc Richard L Morin, Trustee William J Boudreau Trust 20.00 1/20/12 1/27/12 Benjamin Bookchin and Durrell PC 
1/23/12 10:00AM Jennifer Thomas Jarvis PCMortgage Discharge Joyce A Westover Sheila A Taylor and Peter J Campbell 10.00 1/23/12 1/27/12 Jennifer Thomas Jarvis PC
1/23/12 10:00AM     Jennifer Thomas Jarvis PC Quit Claim Deed     Joyce A Westover Sheila A Taylor and Peter J Campbell 20.00 1/23/12 1/27/12  Jennifer Thomas Jarvis PC
1/23/12 10:00AM Leonard F Morley JrLimited Warranty Deed USA Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Jonathan Bouchard and Chantelle Bouchard20.00 1/23/12  1/27/12Leonard F Morley JR 
1/23/12 10:00AM Leonard F Morley JrDelegation of Authority Housing Federal Housing Commission Cityside-HHN 20.00  1/23/121/27/12 Leonard F Morley JR 
1/23/12 10:00AMVermont Department of Taxes Tax LienAnne M MacEachern and Lake House Saloon LLC Vermont Department of Taxes 10.00 2/3/12 1/27/12Vermont Dept of Taxes 
1/23/12 10:00AM Vermont Department of TaxesTax Lien Lake House Saloon LLC  Vermont Department of Taxes10.00  2/3/121/27/12 Vermont Dept of Taxes 
1/23/12 10:00AM May and Davies Certificate of Trust Richard M Hill The Hill Family Trust 20.00 1/23/12 1/27/12May and Davies 
1/23/12 10:00AM May and Davies Quit Claim DeedRichard M Hill Trustee Hill Family Trust Brian Hill20.00 1/23/12 1/27/12 May and Davies 
1/23/12 10:00AM May and DaviesAct 250 Richard M Hill Trustee Hill Family Trust Brian Hill 20.00 1/23/12 1/27/12 May and Davies 
1/23/12 10:00AM May and Davies Quit Claim Deed Brian Hill Richard M Hill Trustee Hill Family Trust 20.00 1/23/12 1/27/12  May and Davies
1/23/12 10:00AM May and Davies Act 250 Brian Hill Richard M Hill Trustee Hill Family Trust 20.00 1/23/121/27/12 May and Davies 
1/24/12 8:40AM Kenneth Foote Zoning Permit Nathan Sicard Town of Barton 10.00 1/24/12 1/27/12 Nathan Sicard 
1/25/12 10:15AM  NorthCountry Federal Credit UnionMortgage Deed David F and Linda S Claeys NorthCountry Federal Credit Union 70.00 1/25/12 1/27/12 NorthCountry Federal Credit Union 
1/25/12 10:58AM May and Davies Contingent Remainder Warranty Deed Lorraine J Brunelle Lorraine J Brunelle and Michael Joseph Brunelle 20.00 1/25/12 1/27/12 May and Davies 
1/26/12 8:00AM Kenneth FooteZoning Permit Francis and Sue Menard Town of Barton  30.00 1/26/12 1/27/12May and Davies 
1/26/12 10:10AM Angela M Ross Mortgage Deed Jeffrey O and Linda J Willey MERS  150.00 1/26/121/27/12 Angela M Ross 
1/26/12 11:15AMCT Lien Solutions Mortgage Discharge TD Bank NA Roger P Leblanc  10.001/26/12  1/27/12 CT Lien Solutions
1/27/12 10:15AMCommunity National Bank    Mortgage Deed Robert T & Alicia F Walker Community National Bank 
 1/27/121/27/12 Community National Bank
1/27/12 10:15AMBlythe & Taylor PC Mortgage Deed Allen D Lafoe and Susan Adams-Lafoe Community National Bank 100.00 1/27/12 1/27/12 Community National Bank 
1/27/12  10:15AM   Blythe & Taylor PCQuit Claim Deed Cynthia Gauthier f/k/a Cynthia Lafoe Allen D Lafoe  20.001/27/12 1/27/12 Allen D Lafoe
1/27/12 10:15AM
Blythe & Taylor PC 
Quit Claim Deed Allen D Lafoe & Susan Adams-Lafoe Allen D Lafoe & Susan Adams-Lafoe  20.00 1/27/121/27/12 Allen D Lafoe 
1/31/12 9:37 AM   Bean's Mobile Homes, Inc        Mobile Home Bill of Sale Bean's Mobile Homes, Inc Sharon Huntington and/or Tina Bowen 20.00 1/31/12 2/2/12 Bean's Mobile Homes, Inc and Sharon Huntington/Tina Bowen 
1/31/12 10:07AM May and Davies Mortgage DischargeCommunity National Bank Fay U Valley 10.00 1/31/12 2/2/12 May and Davies 
1/31/12 10:07AM May and DaviesMortgage Deed Fay U Valley Community National Bank 130.00 1/31/122/2/12 May and Davies