Recycling / Hazardous Waste

The Town of Barton operates a recycling center, free of charge, to residents of Barton.  This recycling program is located at the entrance to the former Barton Sanitary Landfill on the May Farm Road.  The recycling trailer is open every Saturday (except holidays) from 9:00 AM to Noon. Changes in the recycling schedule due to holidays are posted in the Chronicle, as well as at the Orleans and Barton Village Offices, Orleans and Barton Post Offices, and Barton Town Clerk's office.  You may also call 525-6222 with any questions you may have.  

Directions:  The May Farm Road is located between the turn to Lake Region Union High School and the B&W snack bar.  The recycling center is located approximately 1 mile up May Farm Road on the right.  

Items accepted for recycling:

Boxboard - cereal boxes, shoe boxes, paper egg cartons, cracker boxes, pasta boxes (remove the plastic windows)   NOT: white                       
        paper, plastic liners or windows, plastic or wax coated materials, metal parts.

Newspaper - daily newspapers and any inserts which may come with them.  Please place into a brown paper bag for recycling.

Magazines and Catalogs - all magazines and catalogs must be clean and dry.  May also include phone books.  Please place into a 
        brown paper bag for recycling.

Corrugated Cardboard - remove all plastics, packing, and other non-corrugated materials.  Please flatten all corrugated cardboard 

PET #1 Plastic - soda bottles or other plastics with the #1 PET recycling symbol.  Rinse completely and throw away cap or lid.

HDPE #2 Plastic - rinse all #2 HDPE continers as much as possible.  Remove and discard all caps or lids.  

Plastic Milk Jugs - milk, water, and cider jugs with the #3 HDPE recycling symbol on the bottom.  Rinse completely and throw away 
        all caps or lids.

Glass - separate by color - clear, green, and brown glass only.  Rinse containers and discard any caps or lids.

Tin and Aluminum - all food, beverage tin, and aluminum cans are accepted.

Paint Cans - all cans must be completely drained and dry.  Lids must be completely dry.  Do not flatten these cans.

Computers and Batteries - computer electronics and nicad batteries such as hearing aid or watch batteries.

Additional information:
    Brown paper bags are accepted with no strings or handles.
    White or lined computer, office, or copy paper is acceptable.
    Colored computer, office, or copy paper is acceptable.
    Junk mail should be opened and separated into other categories such as white and colored paper if possible.
    Paper milk cartons and juice boxes should be empty, rinsed and flattened.  Remove plastic spouts.

Hazardous Waste days - The 2016 hazardous waste days are Saturday, May 14th and Saturday, October 8th from 8 am to noon.  HHW collection is located at New England Waste Services of Vermont, Inc. Landfill on Airport Road in Coventry.  Please consult your town report for a list of accepted and not accepted materials.  If you have any questions please contact Janet at 802-224-0104.