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 These talented and committed people are at various stages 
of development for their respective projects.


These talented and committed people are at various stages of development for their respective projects. 
Touching Our World is working to help complete these worthwhile documentary video/films to educate, alert, inspire, and give hope others who are facing extraordinary challenges in their own lives. 

If you are able, please donate your talents and time and/or money to help get this information out to the world. 

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Autism, the Silent Epidemic- Assisting Families Affected with Autism

Kim Erickson, a naturopathic doctor, has had a passion for families affected by autism. She has spent countless hours interviewing doctors, health practitioners and families with autistic children. Her documentary will highlight the challenges of raising and educating autistic children while providing hope by sharing treatments and interventions that are being successfully implemented to provide support and an optimum life for these families.

Beyond Scoliosis – Adult Scoliosis Support Program

Kathy Farrer, a golf instructor who spent 10 years on the LPGA Tour, experienced a collapse of her spine due to scoliosis, threatening her future ability to care for herself. Her amazing recovery gave her a desire to create a support program and video for adults living with scoliosis, sharing recovery options and showing how life can still be lived with joy and vigor.

Checkpoint Charley - Freedom across the Berlin Wall

Igor Rosegger was a quiet, yet intense, teenager growing up in East Germany during the 1960’s. Following a spiritual revelation at age 17, he decided to risk his life and escape through the Berlin Wall. This remarkable video brings viewers along his treacherous escape to experience the fear, determination and grace that allowed his dreams of freedom and liberty to come true. Igor hopes to inspire young people to reach beyond obstacles to realize their dreams.

Domestic Engineers - Entrepreneurial Program for Women

Sally Castaneda left an abusive marriage and successfully supported five children by cleaning houses. She then started a business employing women in similar situations, teaching them not only how to clean but how to operate their own house-cleaning businesses. Sally dreams of filming her Domestic Engineers training program and sharing her knowledge to motivate and train women to support themselves and their families.

Sweet Song for Youth – Invoking a Love of Music for Youth

Bettine Clemen, internationally acclaimed flautist and author, creates exciting, multimedia musical performances for her audiences. Her video for young people will feature international musicians and include some of Bettine’s unique footage playing her flutes for children and exotic animals around the world. She believes music helps people connect with the “world around us”, and wants to encourage young people to develop a relationship with music and with each other.

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"Spirituality is the energy 
from a connection to deeply held values 
to a mission higher than yourself." 

-by permission, Tony Schwartz, co-writer of Trump, the Art of the Deal