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Projects & Programs

There are many dedicated, talented and committed people are at various stages of development for their respective projects. Touching Our World is working to help
  • coordinate resources,
  • collect donations of materials and products (new and used),
  • to find volunteers,
  • and to help raise money to complete these worthwhile projects.
Although it is just a little, it is enough to help educate, inspire, and give hope to others who are facing extraordinary challenges in their own lives. 

If you are able, please donate your talents and time and/or money to help get this information out to the world. 

Touching Our World develops and promotes inspirational programs initiated by groups and individuals who have demonstrated the desire to be of service to others.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."  - Margaret Mead


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The Archimedes Project 
- Mapping the World, one Thought at a Time

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world.” -Archimedes 

Sherry Coffman is the founder of The Archimedes Project.  

The Archimedes project Teaches Teachers in a methodology called Thinking Maps®.  Thinking Maps are based on decades of brain research using the eight ways that our brains take in and process information.  Outcomes of  Thinking Maps® reduces the time it takes to teach concepts and students’ increased comprehension and retention, without regard to their learning styles.   We hope to introduce this exceptional training to teachers around America and eventually, in third world countries.  

The Archimedes Project empowers teachers to engage students in learning with minimal materials and maximum effectiveness through the use of Thinking Maps®. We provide teacher training in areas where it might otherwise be unavailable. Use of Thinking Maps® increases higher level thinking leading to expanded learning experiences. Expanded learning leads to the power to create better lives generating hope and fulfillment. 

Blossoming Beauties and Beaus 
- At-risk Students Program of Support

Sonya Crawfordfounder of "Essence of a Woman Ministry", has spent untold hours and her own resources giving makeovers to teen girls living in group homes and shelters.  Blossoming Beauties and Beaus helps to provide support, interest and attention to at-risk children, improving their self-esteem, personal pride and help them realize the potential of their gifts and talents.  

Our children are our greatest resource.  Blossoming Beauties and Beaus helps to provides support, interest and attention to at-risk children, improving their self-esteem, personal pride and help them realize the potential of their gifts and talents for a positive future.  Volunteerism and donations of time, expertise, clothing, school and household items meet the needs of children often overlooked in the “system”.  These children are everywhere and need help from us all.

Brain Injury Recovery - Research and Rehabilitation

Kimberly Aikman 
is considered a miracle survivor after a ruptured brain aneurysm left her brain injured and jeopardized her ability to support herself. Kimberly wants to share her research on brain injury and recovery, as well as the alternative therapies and rehabilitation that have improved her life. She would like to give hope to others suffering from brain injury, showing that there is a brighter future ahead. 

The reports of soldiers and entertainment personalities suffering with traumatic brain injury has highlighted a debilitating and often overlooked condition tragically affecting many families. The frustration of TBI is experienced by many but often goes undiagnosed by the medical community with limited treatment options.  Awareness and training for families, educational and medical personnel is important to diagnose and receive therapies and rehabilitation to improve the lifestyle for all affected. Education about TBI provides hope and we will continue to help guide many to diagnosis and treatment for a brighter future ahead.

For Love and Art

Sharing with SeniorsMuseum for Those with Limited Mobility

Mark Lombard, a creative hospice volunteer, loved bringing remembrances of his art museum visits for his patients to enjoy.  Mark contacted major museums for use of their images on digital photobooks and developed a “virtual” museum that can be brought to the art lover who cannot make a visit in person.  His vision includes a FLASS artbook in every hospice in the world to bring reflection, stimulation, beauty and joy to people through the power of art!

                               Guardian Angel House 
- Faith-based Family Abuse Recovery Center

Susan Vaughan, 
inspirational writer, lived within the confines of an abusive marriage for 16 years before, with God's grace, she found the strength to leave with her children. Susan is now establishing Guardian Angel House, a faith-based counseling center and supervised visitation facility for women and their families who have suffered abuse so they can be encouraged, educated, equipped and empowered to live healthy and fulfilled lives. 

Hopi Nation 
Revitalizing the Shangopavi Village & Preserving a Culture.

Touching Our World Foundation.  
The Hopi Nation has legally won sovereignty but is struggling for survival.  The dreams of its leaders include building their governing body, a Hopi school and artisan center, and a marketing program to promote their unique arts and crafts.  These programs will help create a strong economic base for the well-being of the Hopi Nation and ensure the gift of their traditional culture for generations.  Touching Our World has provided a complete and modern office which has become the center of their nations' government, judicial and management affairs. 

Justin Animal Alliance

The Justin Animal Alliance is committed to educating the public about the importance of spaying and neutering.  We provide year round education and referrals on spay and neuter programs to reduce the number of homeless animals in our community.  We host an annual Silent Auction in November to raise money for the residents of Justin, Ponder, Haslet, New Fairview, Rhome, Argyle, Northlake, Roanoke and Keller, to help those in financial need spay and neuter their Dogs and Cats.  This weeklong benefit also emphasizes the importance of spaying and neutering, as well as raise funds for pet owners in financial need.  Anyone in search of low cost spay/neuter and vaccination information may contact us for a referral.  Donations to support our efforts are needed, appreciated and tax-deductible.  Well-cared for pets make a happier world for everyone! 

Kid Komputers 
Providing Home Computers to At-risk Students

Larry Johnson
a computer guru, shares his generosity in a special way. His passion is giving to others and he refurbishes computers to provide needy children with basic home computers. He also trains others to rebuild donated computers to be given to disadvantaged youths, giving once deprived young students a greater chance to educate themselves and build their future. 

One More Chance 
- Employee/Employer Training Program

Carol Williams and her son 
experienced frustration and disappointment, as he attempted to enter the work force following a prison term as a teen. Their discouragement and attempts to overcome these challenges led to the One More Chance, a program which gives individuals assistance to maintain successful employment.  Both employees and employers complete a special training program and have the support of an advocate to build the longevity of an employment relationship. 

Wellness Assistance Program 
- Supporting Health Challenged Individuals

Touching Our World Foundation 
Our most precious resource, that of an individual, is often lost due to accident or illness. The treatments that could restore health challenged people to their productivity for the benefit of the world, is often out of financial reach for them once they have been stricken and unable to work. By supporting motivated individuals who have shown their spirit of giving to others with health and well-being intervention, we can multiply our effects on making a difference in our world. 

Zambia, Africa (Education)

- Supporting Growth & Change

Mutinta Muchimba 
is pursuing his education in the United States but yearns to bring back knowledge to his native country of Zambia. Mutinta's desire is to bring books, technology and academic programs to his native schools to promoting leadership and long-term educational opportunities for change in his country.

Zig Ziglar Foundation Project

Zig Ziglar is considered to be one of the greatest motivators, teachers and success mentors in  history.   His message of encouragement made a positive difference in  millions of lives around the world.  Zig Ziglar passed away on November 28, 2012 and The Zig Ziglar Foundation was formed to extend his legacy of encouragement to current and future generations.

The Ziglar Way

The Foundation is creating a global network for people who want to be difference makers in their homes, businesses, churches and communities.   The Ziglar Way is a 10 Step process that when followed always produces a richer, more fulfilling life.   The Ziglar Way is based on the teachings of legendary motivator Zig Ziglar.  Those who join The Ziglar Way have access to the member resource section of this website, which include self-help tools, videos, a member discussion forum, an international directory of other members and much more. 

Zig Ziglar said, “The first step in building a better America (and world) is to build a better YOU!”  If you are looking for a way to make a difference, The Ziglar Way is for you.

The mission of the Zig Ziglar Foundation is to inspire people to take action that will reinforce the American spirit and lead to a spontaneous national culture of faith, hope, perseverance, individual excellence, achievement, and success.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much! --Helen Keller

Asian Sanctuary - Rest, Renewal and Relaxation

Touching Our World Foundation. There are times when we all need a quiet retreat to connect with our inner selves and renew our spirit of joy and giving. Our Asian Sanctuary has hosted individuals for several hours to several days and weeks while they recovered from illness and challenges in their lives. When we renew ourselves, we can touch the lives of others. 

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"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment 
before starting to improve the world." - Anne Frank