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These are projects that TOWF is no longer actively managing.  But we encourage everyone participate and to make greatly needed donations to support these activities.

Justin Animal Alliance

The Justin Animal Alliance is committed to educating the public about the importance of spaying and neutering. We provide year round education and referrals on spay and neuter programs to reduce the number of homeless animals in our community. We host an annual Silent Auction in November to raise money for the residents of Justin, Ponder, Haslet, New Fairview, Rhome, Argyle, Northlake, Roanoke and Keller, to help those in financial need spay and neuter their Dogs and Cats. This weeklong benefit also emphasizes the importance of spaying and neutering, as well as raise funds for pet owners in financial need. Anyone in search of low cost spay/neuter and vaccination information may contact us for a referral. Donations to support our efforts are needed, appreciated and tax-deductible. Well-cared for pets make a happier world for everyone!

For Love and Art

Like the mountain coming to the prophet, FLA is bringing the art experience to those with limited mobility, including hospice patients, enhancing their quality of life. We champion our leading art institutions commitment to reach out to every member of our community, giving FLA permission to download their private art images from their extensive collections onto digital photo books. When donated to hospices, volunteers share these art treasures with their patients, inspiring reflection, recollection and stimulation. If only for a short while, people can reclaim beauty, youth and the magic of life through the power of art!

Please Donate