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The Archimedes Project
Mapping the World, one Thought at a Time...
"Give me a lever long enough and a flucrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world"


The Archimedes project provides training that enables teachers to share the power of higher level thinking with children in areas where this might otherwise be unavailable, leading to expanded life experiences.

Sherry Coffman, founder of The Archimedes Project, is an enthusiastic trainer of teachers in a methodology called Thinking Maps®.  Thinking Maps are based on decades of brain research using the eight ways that our brains take in and process information.  Research shows that use of the map raises students' thinking beyond data shifting to meta-cognition.  In other words, thinking about their thinking.

Sherry, who holds a Masters degree in Library Science, is currently a dedicated Dallas/Ft. Worth area high school teacher.   Sherry’s extensive experience has reinforced the unique success of using Thinking Maps as a teaching tool.  Outcomes of their use  includes collapsing the time it takes to teach concepts and students’ increased comprehension and retention, without regard to their learning styles.   The materials needed for a teacher and student to use Thinking Maps are as simple as something to write with and something upon which to write!

Thinking Maps are perfect for teachers to use everywhere, but most especially in areas where there are limitations of time and resources, as in underprivileged areas.  It is Sherry's vision is to introduce this exceptional training to teachers around America and eventually, in third world countries, such as Haiti. Please contact her for more information about this amazing teaching technique.

for more information contact:

Sherry Coffman