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About Us

It is often said, "Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it." 

This came true for Paula Reed on August 27, 2004 while on a personal retreat recovering from a life-changing injury. 
After asking in prayer, "What is my path?" the answer came quietly, "Start your own foundation." 
An hour later, when Paula was asked what the foundation would do, she replied without hesitation,
"It would touch the world!"

The Vision for Touching Our World was Born.

"I realize now that all my previous pursuits laid the groundwork for this calling. During the past 30 years as a speech pathologist, counselor and businesswoman, my greatest joy and rewards have come from seeing my students, clients and their families grow toward their potential and reveal their God-given gifts as they worked through personal challenges.

The years in public schools, hone-health care and private practice gave me many opportunities to work with a broad spectrum of ages, nationalities, cultures and religions. I have been able to initiate, develop and participate in programs for health, social services, cultural understanding and personal growth; work that I love and continue to this day. I feel truly blessed to have been called to serve others, and I'm honored to have this opportunity to 'touch the world' with my gifts." -Paula Reed

We welcome your interest in Touching Our World! We are a not-for-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization founded for the betterment of humanity and funded almost exclusively by the contributions of individuals and companies who share in the beliefs of our mission. You are cordially invited to participate with us and share your gifts as a donor, board member, adviser, or volunteer.

Paula Reed
Paula Reed 
Founder & President

   (as of October 2014)
Bruce Park (469) 243-6196
Paula Reed
June Trezza


Mark Lombard, President/Project Fulfillment
Isaac Hou, International Business / Immigration
Jason Jacoby, Legal Consultant
Jeff Reed, Community / Economic Development
Ronald Wadsworth, Hopi Nation Spokesman
Jon Michael Lemon, Family Legal Advisor


Jan Cunningham, Administration Michael Glen, Vision Development Jackson Hanks, Legal / Corporate

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