Home Base


    Project 1 (due end of Week 4)
o Finished game: 50%
o Periodic progress presentations: 30% (3 presentations)
o Website: 10%
o Peer evaluation: 10%

    The finished game will be graded on visual quality, technical quality and the “fun factor” in the game. Points will be awarded for innovation and creativity in game design, user interface and implementation. We may also make use of external reviewers for evaluating the finished game.

For each project, each group must maintain a website to showcase the game and post updates. In addition, each group will make periodic presentations on the progress made in since the previous update.

Each group member is expected to contribute equally to the group project. However, each group will be responsible for identifying the roles of group members and specific tasks assigned to them. For Project 2, each group will also identify project milestones and a corresponding timetable on which the group will be graded. In addition to the instructors’ evaluation, a peer review and report from each student will be used to evaluate individual performance within a group.

The final submission for each project should include a record of the story development process, the story board, assets used by the game and the playable prototype, including the source.