Freshman English

After receiving an excellent foundation at the Masconomet Middle School, students take their first step in college and life preparation at the high school level in their freshman year. In the English class the focus of curriculum will be composition and literature. Composition will feature a variety of forms including expository essays, narrative essays, creative writing exercises, research writing and journal. Students will also study themes and technical construction of the various genres of literature including, but not limited to, the short story, the novel, the play, the epic, the screenplay, poetry, biography, and autobiography. What is most important about the curriculum is that the student will be taught the skills necessary for life-long learning. There are interesting and exciting ideas circling us every day and we should have a great deal of fun examining them.
Life is a journey. While it is good to have to have a worthy destination in mind for a journey, please remember that it is the journey itself and how you conduct yourself on that journey that is vital, not the destination.

The following are some of the topics and units covered in the Freshman English curriculum. Please click on the active links for more information: