What would you like to be doing in Tewkesbury in 5, 10, 50 years time?

Growing your own healthy food?

Eating more local, seasonal produce?

Keeping more money circulating in the local economy by buying locally?

Cycling more, and having quieter, cleaner, safer roads?

Saving money and reducing CO2 by insulating your home better?

Reducing the risk of flooding?

Building a stronger, happier community?

Enjoying better public transport?

Planting a community orchard?

Generating our own electricity?

These are just some of the things we could be doing to make life better and more sustainable in a future    
    where oil will be scarcer. And they will help to prevent climate change too.

There are lots of things we can do. What ideas have you got?

Towards Transition Tewkesbury?

The Transition Network is an international movement in which people come together as a community to do something positive about climate change and our over-reliance on oil.

Transition Towns build on the wisdom of the past and on the existing skills and determination in our communities. By thinking and acting together, the transition of a town to a way of living that consumes less carbon energy can result in a happier, more fulfilling and abundant place to live.

We don’t need to start from scratch in Tewkesbury, where individuals and groups are already doing things like recycling and sharing allotments. The idea is to work with existing groups and identify gaps to be filled.

We are all starting to take our first steps into a new future. If you would like to get involved,

    send us an email   tttewkesbury@googlemail.com

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