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This week's issue

The Season 2 Finale of the Tovarishch Bulletin (issue #030) can now be found online! This issue features Windoze 10, Hercputin, and the word tacocat, as well as including a competition.

What is the Tovarishch Bulletin?

The Tovarishch Bulletin is your weekly news source. Every Friday, we bring you all the important goings-on from around the globe – after all, if we don’t cover it, it isn’t worth covering!

Our Guarantee

We here at Bulletin HQ guarantee that every week that the Bulletin will contain at least 30% real news! Each free copy sold has a 100% money-back guarantee – see your distributor for more information.

What we cover

We mainly focus on politics, global news and science. We also cover some general interest stories and reviews, as well as running regular competitions for real prizes.

So, who writes this garbage?

The Bulletin currently has a staff of six people – but we are always looking for people to help us out and submit some stories. If you want to submit a link to something you think we might enjoy or want to cover, visit our submissions page.

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