In Google Earth, you can mark specific locations with placemarks.  This is where you can include specific information about that place.  When users visit that placemark, they can click on it to display text, video, images, or other media. 

To make your placemark descriptions look amazing, you will need to insert a little html code into the description box of your placemark. The sections below will show you the code you need for each type of media, as well as some video tutorials that demonstrate these and other tasks for you.  

Inserting Text:

Inserting text is super easy.  Just type it into the description box on your placemark.  To get back to the description box after you've created the placemark, right-click on the placemark and select Get Info (or Properties on a PC).

To add breaks in between paragraphs, add a little bit of code.  The <br> html tag is like hitting enter on your keyboard.  If you want to completely skip a line, type <br> twice.  For example:

Inserting Images:

Find an image online, and then copy the link to the image.  Paste it in place of the green text.  Be sure to cite your source under the image by just typing in the citation below the code.  

<img src="
This is where you type your citation.

Inserting Audio:

To insert audio into a placemark, first record your audio with a site like Vocaroo, which will give you the embed code for posting on the internet.  Copy and paste the html code directly into the description box.

Inserting Video:

From sites that allow users to embed their videos, such as YouTube, just copy and paste the embed code into the description box.

Inserting Links:

To add a link to a website in placemark description, you will just need to add in some html code.  Replace the green link with the full link to the website you want the users to visit.

The green text that says Text Users Will Click is what will show up in the description that will link to the website.  This is the actual link that people will click on the get to the website.  You can have it say whatever you would like.

<a href="">Text Users Will Click</a>

For example, the code above would look like this in the description box:

Video Tutorials:

Check out the videos to see how it's done and learn some extra tips and tricks.