600 Assignments
Professor Shawn Welcome
Touro College

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The majority of these are in class assignments. Your presence & participation is your key to an A in this class. 



The Class Portfolio will be comprised of the following:

(Next to assignments you will note the suggested page number in the portfolio. If there is no portfolio page number, you are free to decide where it appears.)


  1. Power-point template:  600powerpointtemplate.ppt ( a link to the template )
  2. Cultural & ethical differences in education:  Create a power-point presentation detailing the following: ( individual or duo only ) Creativity is expected
    1. At-risk: the symptoms
    2. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences as a lens for looking at urban education
    3. The philosophy behind N.C.L.B and uniform exit criteria  (N.C.L.B)
    4. The realities of educating the urban youth of today
    5. A reflection of one philosopher that may agree with your stance
    6. How the multiples intelligences influence curriculum planning, instruction, assessment, and the social habits ?  ( Use M.I’s )

A review and reflection of CEC’s professional standards for educators of persons with exceptionalities. ( 1-2 page ) [ 9th page of portfolio ]

  1. A review and reflection of F.A.P.E and 504 Act ( 1-3 pages )
  2. Your educational philosophy as it relates to educating urban youth ( regular and special education ) ( 1-3 pages ) [ 6th page of portfolio ]
  3. A venn diagram or table showing an overview/comparison  of Aristotle, Dewey, Plato, Rousseau ( pages: as needed)
  4. A reflection on Dewey’s psychology  ( 3-5 pages )
  5. 600reviewreflectDeweyphilosophy.doc ( the assignment in sections )
  6. 600rubricreviewandreflectpapers.doc   ( the rubric )
  7. A cover letter that gives an overview of the contents of your portfolio, a brief reflection on the process of putting together the portfolio [challenges, proud moments, etc]. 
  8. 600coverlettertemplate.doc ( a template for writing your cover letter )
  10. Written expectation of course [what do you know and want to know from this course? ] ( KW ) ( 7th page )
  11. Written reflection of course [ what have you learned, what surprised you, How has your educational philosophy been effected or changed by this course ] ( L ) [ Last page of portfolio ]
  12. A cover page [ class name, number & session, professor name, your name, and date ] ( 1st page )
  13. A table of contents ( 4th   page )
  14. A dedication page:  Dedicate this portfolio to someone or something. ( 2nd page )
  15. A quote page: Reflect on the way a quote of your choice speaks to your educational philosophy or current feelings around the purpose and reality of education and the education system. ( 3rd page )

Extra Credit Assignments: ( if you're that serious about getting an A+, complete one or two of these to account for any assignment grade that is a B or B+.  No more than two (2) extracredits assignments will be accepted)


  • A review and reflection of Feminist critiques of philosophy
  • A 3-5 page paper reviewing and reflecting on Deweyan Ethics
  • A power-point presentation on the problems of school reform
  • A 3-5 page written comparison and critique of Formal, Informal logic, and an alternative approach
  • A 3-5 page review and reflection of existentialism as it connects to your educational philosophy
  • A review and reflection of current analyses of teaching