Field Trip Math Lesson on Consumer Math

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My group and I will be demonstrating a math lesson with consumer math.  We will be going to different restaurants and clothing stores explaining math calculation from the receipts.  We will get together as a group to discuss certain aspect of how math was used in pricing of foods, how much money was spent, and what was the tip amount of the cost of the meal, and who receive the discount. 
Lesson Overview
Title: Consumer Math
Author: Ms. Jahn, Mr. Markiewicz, Ms. Reynoso, Mr.Royer, Ms. Thomas.
Subject: Math
Grade Level(s): 5-9
Unit Description
This is a first lesson that focuses on what consumer math is about and how it is used in our daily lives. Students will learn and understand about tips or gratuity, sales tax, consumer, and discounts when they purchase food at a resturant or purchase an item at the clothing store. Students will engage in several activities to support their learning by comparing prices even at the clothing store or restaurant.  They will have the opportunities to share their knowledge with the class.
Lesson Description for Day
In this lesson, students will learn and understand "What is Consumer Math" in class. Students will learn and understand the pricing of foods or an item, how much money is being spent, what percentage of the sales tax being used, and how the discounts works in the purchase. 
State Standards
  NYS Mathematics Standards

The student produces evidence that demonstrates understanding of number and operation concepts; that is, the student:

e Describes and compares quantities by using simple decimals; that is:
• adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides money amounts;
• recognizes relationships among simple fractions, decimals, and percents, i.e., that is the same as 0.5, and is the same as 50%, with concrete materials, diagrams, and in real world situations, e.g., when discovering the chance of a coin landing on heads or tails.


Unit Goals:

Lesson Goals:
students will -
1. examine prices on a food menu
or clothing store.
2. compare prices and calculate the
amount of money being spent.
3. find the amount of a discounted
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math assignments.
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