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I will be demonstrating on how to factor out trinomals.
Lesson Overview
Title: Operations with Algebraic Fractions
Author: Jahn
Subject: Math A
Grade Level(s):9
Unit Description
This is a first lesson that focuses on how to solve a factorable quadratic equation in which 0 appears on one side of the equation, factor the other side.
Lesson Description for Day
In this lesson, students will learn to factor a quadratic equation which is a trinomal that has the form x2+bx+c.
State Standards
NYS Mathematics Standards
The student produces evidence that demonstrates understanding of function and algebra concepts; that is, the student:
j Solves equations symbolically, graphically, and numerically, especially linear, quadratic, and exponential equations; and knows how to use the quadratic formula for solving quadratic equations.
Unit Goals:
1. Students will learn and
understand how to solve  quadratic equations.
2. Students will solve the solution set by factoring the equation which a quadratic trinomal can be factored into two binomials.
3. Students will learn and understand FOIL method of factoring a quadratic equation.

Lesson Goals:
Students will—
1. learn how to factor a quadratic equation.
2. understand the quadratic equation must be 0 on the side of the equation, factor the other side.
3. understand how to use the FOIL method solving the quadratic equations.
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