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When computers leave the classroom, so does boredom

Young, J. R. (2009). When Computers Leave Classrooms, So Does Boredom. The Chronicle of Higher Education.

    To Whom It May Concern,
    In this article, computers are being removed from the lecture halls since students can get their information online or download a site on that particular lecture. Mr. Bowen feels that lively interaction with the students challenges their minds instead of a slide show with powerpointing.
    I feel that he has a wrong view in computer usage in classroom because I feel that they will benifite from it by looking at my website. You can use SUMMIT MATH to assist the students on math problems to help them with the lesson. They could also the website to find books in the library online instead of going to the library.
    On my site I have video of me teaching the math lessons demonstrating to the students how it is done. I also have a math trick to show students a faster way of learning how to solve a particular problem. I have different videos from other sites for educational resource only. The students can browse through the videos if they need help on that particular topic that was taught in class. I created a math assignment page on where students can go to for additional information or for extra problem-solving on that topic that was being taught in class. Then they could bring in the extra problem-solving to class and we could have a open discission on the way we solve for the answer. I created a page for math standards and assessments so the students can study the chapters taking prep tests or Regent Prep test if they are studying for the Regents.
    I think having a site like this benefit the students in reaching their goal even if they are at school or home.  This is a good way for the students to stay on top of their assignments as well for the teacher to assess her/ his students.
Thank you,
Thea Jahn