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I will be demonstrating on how find the amount
of a discounted item in stores.
Lesson Overview
Title: Consumer Math
Author: Ms. Jahn
Subject: Math
Grade Level(s): 5-9
Unit Description
This is a first lesson that focuses on how 
find the amount of a discounted
item in a clothing store. Students will learn that a discount is when an item is purchased at a price less than the orginal price on the ticket. Discounts can also be know as sales. Students will learn and understand to calculate the discount, you multiply the discount percent times the orginal price. Then, subtract the discount from the orginal price to give sale price. Students will engage in several activities to save money when they purchase on an item in the clothing store. They will have the opportunities to share their knowledge.
Lesson Description for Day
In this lesson, students will learn and calculate the amount of a discounted orginal price ticket. Students will learn about the pricing of an item, how much money is being spent, how to calculate the discount from the orginal price, and how to save money.
State Standards
NYS Mathematics Standards
The student produces evidence that demonstrates understanding of function and algebra concepts; that is, the student:
e Describes and compares quantities by using simple decimals; that is:
• adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides money amounts;
• recognizes relationships among simple fractions, decimals, and percents, i.e., that is the same as 0.5, and is the same as 50%, with concrete materials, diagrams, and in real world situations, e.g., when discovering the chance of a coin landing on heads or tails.

Unit Goals:
1. Students will understand about a discount in stores.
2. Students will find the amount of
discount by calculating the
percent of the orginal price.
3. Students will learn and understand
the terms that they may see for
discounted items.

Lesson Goals:
Students will—
1. undestand what is a discount or sales price.
2. be able to mentally calculate amount of discount, sale price, and total cost for an item that is 10% off, 20% off, 30% off, 50% off,
and 60% off.
3. understand discounts are better than paying the orginal price.
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Here are some examples for the lesson:
1.  If this book at the book store cost $30. The discount of that book is 20% of the orginal price. What is the discount? What is the sales price?
2. This dress cost $58.00 at the Gap Store. The discount of that dress is 30% of the orginal price. What is the discount? What is the sales price?