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 My e-mail is: tourotjahn@gmail.com
This is my home page and the Introduction video explains a little about my web pages. I have been working in the public school system for at least 3 and a half years  in Elementary, Junior High School, and High School. I developed a passion for science since I was in the 7th grade. I did my first science project on the planet to Mars, describing the planet using a tape recorder. My samples was to bring in pictures and soil, which students believed I went to Mars to collect the soil. I noticed, while explaining my project, I had everyone's attention and that's when I discovered I like science. I would like to share my knowledge and experiences with the class and make learning science fun and interesting.
    I am strongly motivated to make this as my career. I like teaching and reaching out to the students in any way that I can to make that lesson enjoyable to them. I grew up with educators in my family and learned from them from their teaching experiences. I am looking to expand my teaching skills in science in grades 5-9. I also collaborated with other teacher to assist me in teaching a lesson and how to make good lesson plans. I would like to share my techology skills from this class to grades 5-9, especially in science because I like to teach Living Environment.


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Test Introduction by Thea Jahn

Test Intro Thea Jahn



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