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The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.

Albert Einstein


This quote of Einstein is, often times, misinterpreted as to suggest education, as a whole, is actually an obstacle to how we take in information. He was speaking, however, to the idea that we are ‘programmed’ into learning rather than being truly educated by stimulating the imagination. We, as educators, follow a recipe and when the food is ready, we hope that everyone is hungry enough to eat it. But what if they don’t like our cooking? Then what? Our students become malnourished and we will have interfered in their health.

You can’t teach the child if you can’t reach the child and if you want to reach today’s child, you’d better be prepared to know something about what interests them. Gone are the days of body mechanic activities. No more stick ball. No more hop scotch. No more two-handed. It’s all about the Ipod, the Xbox, and the Blackberry. It’s about AIM, text messaging, MySpace. Indeed, it’s about technology.


Embracing ideals and elements of teaching styles of the so-called “old school” way of thinking that have been time tested in conjunction with the “new school” approach that is student centered; I bring a methodology to the classroom that is both engaging and edifying

Understanding this, my goal is simple in concept but enormous in its execution. My goal is to engage the student by making each daily lesson relevant to what they know and understand, while, at the same time, forces them to become better thinkers.

No, I don’t go out and save the world everyday. But I am effective making students want to learn more. The learning in my class is not interfered by their education because their education is their learning.