THE FOLLOWING LINK CONTAINS ALL OF THE ASSIGNMENTS FOR THE 601 SUMMER SESSION< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">

Think- Oftentimes teaching is the most fun when you capture the attention of your students. In an effort to gain your attention, and get your higher order thinking skills in gear, try "Think". Can you figure it out?  < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">

Chart has standard. Topic- Aim

Worksheet and lessonplan ready to upload.
Lesson plan in UDL - Links to
Find if possible a link to review, interactive website with an exact page
Add if possible 1 or several QCC SUMMIT math pages

Janina- Can you explain to others howe to do a Jeoparys with 5 topics....
 Standard- Choose 1 and write it out.


**differentiate1.doc - **differentiate4.doc -  **differentiate7.doc

Make or bring in a set of dominoes (6:6)

**mstemplates  Creatre a newsletter showing yior science prowess.... and your site. Post it as well




Try this: LINK 601roundaverage.xls REMEMBER TO DOWNLOAD ( Right Click and Save Target As).

Dodge Square.

Could be average of first 10 and second ten tries
SUMMIT - Rounding and SUMMIT average
Or it can be done already on the excel sheet

Create a Fun Activities page. Link it from your home page with a link back to the home page.
Add things like Pick a number
- How did they do that?

Find 5 Websites for math add then to BBDB Math Sites. Add them to your links page with a description.

Create a math lesson for your students with help from < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">SUMMIT.
Try one from your regents review book ( use the answer book as well) or use
Regents Review

Work on your site....

Watch this Jing Test Video 

Try your own Jing - 2 Smileys




Assignments due 7/24

Create an account for JingProject.com and for teachertube.com

Add these links to your Links page with a description of each

High School

Add a link on your website in the link bar of the home page for bb.touro.edu
Enter BB and review a minimum of 3 sites and test the page links.
Add a thread to the student web review.
State what you like and perhaps a constructive idea NEVER ANYTHING NEGATIVE!!!!!!

Research websites with science lessons ( find them while reviewing other students websites) and place them on your links page

Create a Mathlesson using UDL format (www.cast.org) with your heading at the top , including your website. Earlier you were to create a Cast account
Enter the Beach Forum in BBDB to reserve your lesson...
The lesson should be of a visual nature that can be used on  Maryannes STEM page (possibly).
Upload the lessonplan to your website the filename "z"mylesson1.doc
Upload a picture to your garage on googlepages.com and add itto your home page.

Buy a mike...
Extra.... Try creating a Voki



Add   to your links page - Phytagorean Theorem -

Try to watch these and play with each Excel File.... Make sure to save the Excel files first to your "z" folder

Add a total cell. Add a column using formulas whic show conversion of a fraction to a decimal.
When finished upload the file to your site. Create a link from your 601 page ( use the filename or the text Equivalent Fractions and decimals

Equivalent Fractions Introduction (Excel)


< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" prefix="v" namespace="">Watch as we create an interactive circle (pie) chart

Can you make a pie chart?

Equivalent Fractions Part 2 (Excel)


Here we make a visual fraction viewer/caluculator.

Can you make yellow 1/2 the pie? Green 1/3?
Remember to watch the total


Go to SUMMIT Math

Create a folder for the section on Multiplication and on Fractions- Do an appropriate lesson in each Summit section and note it on your SUMMIT Plan. Do each .... with a 90% or write an appropriate message on your SUMMIT Plan


Assignments 7/22
Watch a video on
Show someone your website (e-portfolio)
Read overview and order textbook -

Please watch Video Title: Digital Students @ Analog Schools
Author: Marco Torres
students speak of their frustration trying to use technology in their courses.

Also view the video from Jordan School District. at

Do the IAUP Assignment on touroweb.webhop.org

Go to qccweb.webhop.org download and print the Summit IMP
Set up Folders do 3 topics 10 probems each print them and put in the folders

~ E-portfolio ~
Publish it to your website (upload  it ). Link it from your home page.
Write an introduction on your home page
Create 1 new pages "Links" using duplicate on site manager