Lauren Mock
 EdSE 601


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Teaching Philosophy


In education today, there are many different ways to teach students.  I plan on setting desirable and achievable goals for my students that will help shape their lives and benefit them in their future endeavors.  I will provide my students with quality teaching skills for I am not there because it is my job, but because I care about my students and want to make a difference in their lives.  I will not only provide students with knowledge, but will also discipline them as well as help shape their attitudes and views about the world.  I believe that by following this philosophy will be extremely successful in shaping young and inexperienced minds into skillful and eager minds. 


One educational tactic which I will emphasize is inquiry-based learning.  Inquiry-based learning is a type of learning in which students get a chance to physically work out a problem through trial and error with guidance from trained teachers. It allows students to view themselves as scientists or researchers in the process of learning.  They get a chance to experience education in a hands-on method which enables them to figure out the process of their task. 


Experience is also a key factor in education.  Without an idea there could be no experience.  However, the experience must be something that the individuals will learn positively from.  The beauty of inquiry learning is it gives students the tendency and desire to want to learn more and also gives students the opportunity to raise questions that are to interest to them, which makes the learning more genuine.  I also feel that inquiry based learning should be administered in all school districts nation wide to help students gain the experience they need to correctly learn what they are doing.  By just feeding the students information, they are not encouraged to think for themselves and fully evaluate information. The information is not being processed but is just installed, similar to downloading information into a computer. 


Teachers should be able to accept that they could learn from students just as well as students can learn from them.  It is giving inexperienced teachers the opportunity to learn from children by becoming involved in the class while the class is operating on some type of hands on material. I also feel that by having the student reiterate the lesson in their own words, their peers will also maintain a better understanding of the material.  I think that it is important for teachers to help initiate classroom discussion and allow the students to speak their mind and give their opinions and feedback on the lesson’s material, otherwise the information just sits in their heads and goes no where.  By expressing it verbally and physically to others, it is effective for students to grasp the material.  The more students participate in educational experiences, the more involved they will becomes in the lesson which also results in the students remembering the material more effectively.  It is our job not only to teach our students, but to make learning the material fun and educational.