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Check out this Mathemagician- And you thought you were good at



Pythagorean Theorum- Having trouble with the Pythagorean Theorum? 

                                                      Check out this video!



NYS Math Standards- Click on the link to view the math standards for NYS


   Elementary/Intermediate- NYS Elementary and Middle School


   High School- NYS High School Mathematics


   Schedules- Want to know the State Assessment and Regents Schedule?


Touro College Black Board Website- Taking an online class at Touro?  Let this

                                                                link help you get there faster!



Math A Regents Exams- Click here to get acquainted with the New York State

                                                          Math Regents Exams!


Math Assessment 3 -8 Exams- Feeling unprepared for your regents?  Check out

                                                           some sample questions!


Probability- Still not sure what probability is?  Check this out...


Interesting Math and Science Lessons- Search by subject OR grade level!


Accompsett Middle School- Come check out the middle school I teach at!


Smithtown High School West- Check out the high school I teach at!


Teacher Tube- Watch me and some of my classmates teach you math!!!