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Welcome to My E-portfolio

~*If you love your job, you'll never have to work a day in your life*~


Hello!  My name is Lauren and I am currently a Health Education teacher in Smithtown Central School District.  I teach in one of the high schools as well as one of the middle schools.  Teaching health is a great passion of mine.  My aim is to not only impact my students' quality of life, but for them to impact their family's quality of life through the knowledge they receive in my classroom. 


I love making my lessons fun and full of humor.  Seeing my students smile and laugh in my classroom shows me that they enjoy coming to my class and learning about how to take care of their bodies.  I am currently receiving my Master's at Touro College and I will be doing my practicum in the Spring.  I also enjoy coaching gymnastics.  In my first year at Smithtown, I coached the Middle School Girls Gymnastics Team who made me very proud by their performances.


This site provides teachers, students, parents, and administrators a look into my lesson plans and videos, my Touro Expereinces, and some fun but educational activities...just to name a few!  It is my hope that this site will be a useful teaching tool!


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