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This Web Site Created in EdSE 606
Principles of Middle School
Science and Technology
Bayshore, NY


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Welcome to My E-Portfolio

     Welcome you to my website. On these pages find highlights of my Touro experience, examples of my lessons in video and voice, presentations as well as links to educational sites. I do hope that all see that education in the art of teaching with content knowledge, will allow me to achive my dream of being a Math and Technology Special Education Teacher. Please click "Resume" above to find out more about me.
     This website gives me a place to build actual lessons which can be used when I get my first teaching position. The college and this website will allow me to begin my first day of teaching with a wealth of information and lessons and activities available any hour of the day or night for my students. These lessons will build over time. 
 See my science lesson on Snow below.


Examples of Course Documents  produced in Touro Courses
EdSE 606 - Video- How I Exceeded Student Outcomes in EdSE 606
   (The Video above is best viewed FULL SCREEN. Click the bottom right square).
EdSE 606 - Hands on Science - a Newsletter created in EdSe 606
EdSE 601 -
Math Lesson Plan-Link and Student Worksheet Link
EdSE 607 - Life in the Soviet Union - a paper