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This website is designed to help students and teachers gain a better understanding of mathematical concepts through the use of interactive tools and websites.

I am currently a 9th grade living environment teacher in the public school system.  I will be entering my third year as an educator.  Previously, I taught 7th grade life science for two years.  My certification is in biology grades 7-12.

 I am completing a Master's Degree in Teaching General and Special Education Students in grades 5-9, from Touro College.  I completed my undergraduate study from Manhattan College where I graduated with honors.


Over the past two years I have been actively involved in many extra curricular activities.  I coached J.V. Girls Soccer, middle school wrestling, and middle school baseball.  I also supervised the GENTS Club which taught young men how to treat people with respect, how to eat at fancy restaurants, how to dress appropriately, etc.