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New York City Board of Education IAUP

IAUP 601 and 606


Fun with Fractions and Percentages using Excel


Jing on Equivfractions


SUMMIT Plan - A list of lessons with a large store of random problems to help your students learn math.  Containing 365 different lessons, each lesson includes a theoretically unlimited amount of problems to solve.

NYSED Mathematics Learning Standards - The NYSED Mathematics Learning Standards allow a teacher to better gauge what to teach and how to teach it.  While that seems simplistic, it is essential because the skills the standards point to are essential when it comes to learning math.  As neither grade nor student are the same, different standards exist for different grades.

Elementary standards exist for the elementary learner.  At this point, a student is just learning the methods and rules.

Intermediate, or Middle School, is a series of standards for the more advanced math.  This includes Algebra, fractions, percentages, and exponents, which also are covered by Elementary standards.

High School standards cover such subjects as Calculus, Advanced Algebra, and probability.  Computer code, binary, and integrated algebra utilize such standards.

Each standard is related to the end-of-year tests, or Regents examinations, which operate by a strict schedule.


Finger Math - Multiplication Tables have nicknames for easier use.

Times One: Single

Times Two: Double

Times Three: Triples

Times Four:  Double-Double

Times Five: Nickles

Times Six: Triples-Double

Times Seven: I Don't Know

Times Eight:  Double-Double-Double

Times Nine:  Fingers

Times Ten:  Add a Zero


QccMath - Queensboro Community College.