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New York City Board of Education IAUP

IAUP 601 and 606

In my teaching experience, I have often been called on to teach science.  Even without New York State certification, I have found that teaching science becomes possible with preparation and a few good resources to call on.

Alkali Metal Bangs:  A website with movies displaying the different properties of Alkali metals, a series of reactive metals on the left side of the Periodic Table that react with water.

Slashdot:  The 'News for Nerds' website, containing articles on the latest in the worlds of science, technology, and research.

Relative Sizes of Known Celestial Bodies:  A short animated slideshow that starts with Earth and scales out in size until we see the largest known star:  VY Canis Majoris, in the Canis Constellation.  A great starter to a lesson on Astonomy, as it shows the scale of the subject.

The Universal Sandbox:  Who wants to create a universe?  Smash together planets, create stars, galaxies and clusters.

UDL Universal Design for Learning - A lesson plan format from  A highly useful program for when the unit just has to be done, UDL allows a basic template with connections.  Ideal for new teachers and still useful for seasoned teachers, it can also be adapted for outside the science classroom.

Lesson Builder - Model Lessons -

Carbon Footprint Finder - Find, calculate, and learn how to reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide you put in to the atmosphere.  Some of the results you get may shock you.

Core curriculum science material  - This link leads to a listing of materials used in the NYS standard science course.  Books, equipment, materials, etc.  More or less, it is a science teacher shopping list.

NYC K-8 Science Scope and Sequence  Will get back to that later, as the link does not currently work.

New York City Performance Standards   While not listing the City standards, this site does have a convenient link to the state standards, which are...

New York State Science Core Curricula  and by and large used in every science classroom.  Standards are key in that they provide guidance to what should be taught to allow the students to later demonstrate their learning.  And another resource is useful is lead ins to the end of year tests, which can be found here:
Sample test questions, and other relevant resources