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Educational Sites

For Students This site is great! this site is for everyone and is very informative and has tests, lessons and tips! - Propper Preparatiopn Prevents Poor Performance! Check this out and get ready for your regents! - If you are struggling and can't find someone to help you, check this website out. -stay up tp date with this website.  This is the New York State education websiter and is filled with information for students in New York schools. - Feel scientific? This website has labs you can do at home! This is a very informative site that can assist you in science work or assignments. - Check this out! theres a lab for everyone! - This site is all about delivery! Science presented in a very interesting way. - Like Science? Got a Science Question? Interested in labs? Click around and see whats out there. This link will take you to a page of more science links, all at the click of a mouse! This is a science site that breaks down science into catgories and is very organized. this site can help with labs or homework or basic science principles.

For Teachers A FREE website that can be handy to teachers and has various useful resources to use. This site has everything! Every subject and lotf of current events. There are several videos that can be shown in class as well as useful information of your school area. -A more basic site but has plety ot offer to any educator.  A very specific site that has many tools that teacher can use within their class or on their own.

My Favorite Sites - Keep up to date on everything related to Long Island Wrestling.

Http:// - Our CSH home page! - Every thing that happens in the NFL goes on thsi site. - Super Bowl Champs! My NY Giants! - Great sports articles! - Ya Gotta Beleive! Check out whats happening with the NY Mets!