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My E-Portfolio created in EdSE 606

Science and Technology

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     Professor Stein uses the internet to teach magic!

The creation of a webpage

Create an E-portfolio

The use (and soon personal publication) of teachertube

How to use Microsoft Templates

Using New York State Assessment and Cirriculum

Incorporating Prinscreen into our program

Te uses and incorporation of Knightcite

Differentiated Instrcution- What is it and how is it used?

Creating graphs

   Professor Weinick's Guest Lesson

Hands On Instruction

Scientific Method

"Grab" students

The idea of density-

     Demonstrated by two objects (metal ball and block of styrofoam)

Circuits- Make the Light Bulb Light!

     Students perform a hands-on assignment/expiriment making a light bulb. (materials provided by the            teacher)

Recipe Method vs. Open-ended Method

Refraction- What is it?

     Students observe what refraction is through pencil/beaker example.

Reflection vs. Refraction- What are the differences?

    Students are given an experiment to perfrom to distinguish between them.

District views vs. Cirriculum Standards- Finding a happy medium.

Lesson Plans- Stay consistent and include all major points.

Egg In A Bottle Lesson