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Student Outcomes


SUMMIT math - 350 lessons in interative math.


 Talking Thing - Voice cartoon

 The Pythagorean Theorm -An creative method of introducing a2+b2=c2

Pie Chart - Interactive Pie Chart using percentages on Excel

Pie Chart - Another fun way to teach Pie Charts using Excel

Probability - View a video on probability

Learning Standards - New York State Department of Education Learning Standards

Average - Use excel to help you practice rounding and averages.  

Dodge Square - Try to avoid the blue boxes by moving the red one.  Record your score using the excel link above! 

Free Math Tutorials - online math tutorials and resources

Interactive Math Tutorials- Offers help with improving math skills

Interactive Math Lessons - You can "learn math by playing with it!"

Web Math - Offers help and explanations for homework problems.

Math 123 xyz- Provides free interactive multimediamath resources.