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 LINKS - Math Resources:

Queens Community College Math WebSite  - click on to view Summit Plan   -   Pythagorean Theorum   -   Mathematics Regents Examinations

Watch a video on Probability

 Additional WebSites:

 New York State Mathematics Resource Center - provides NYS Learning Standards, Assessments, Prior Tests and other

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select the following link for High School

 additional tools for teacher, parent, and student      -

Links from Professor Stein:  -    Citation Generator Cite Knight  -

Professor Lewin's Video Lectures:

A Demonstration of Electrostatics - Trajectories of Objects in Freefall -How a Rocket Lifts Off  -  A Lecture on Pendulums

Educational Websites for Teachers:

CAST UDL Lesson Builder

Lesson Plans - All Subjects

University of the State of New York: State Education Department

New York State Teacher Certification Exams

Also view the video from Jordan School District. at

Please watch Video Title: Digital Students @ Analog Schools
Author: Marco Torres
College students speak of their frustration trying to use technology in their courses.