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5 websites: most valuable to me. 


-         This is the mother of all sites or most valuable to me. It allows for me to research any topic that I am looking for. It fasts and easy to get to, without it research would be a harder task.


-         This website allows an educator, to access some free lesson plans an ideas. It is excellent for individual and group work. It contains hands on project in every core subject.


-         This website allows students to have fun while they are learning. It contains games for your core subjects. It’s actually on of my favorite sites


-         This is an excellent website for educators because it has multi links to different websites, if you are a science teacher you can live at this website for the virtual labs and simulations.


-this is another excellent website for notes and for virtual labs. Excellent photo that you can copy and make your PowerPoint’s from.

It has a virtual frog lab and several other labs. 


- Excellent website for a virtual fruit fly lab which helps students understands the importance of genetics.