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 NYS Mathematics- Specific Mathematic standards.

NYS-The Learning Standards and Alternate Performance Indicators for Students with Severe Disabilities


Area of a Triangle- To find the area of various types of triangles using the proper formula. To express the answer using the proper units.
Area of a Parallelogram - To find the area of a parallelogram using the proper formula. To find the missing dimension given the area and the other dimension. To express the answer using the proper units.
Challenge Exercises
- Students are asked to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages by finding the missing value. These problems are presented in a game format.
Meaning of Percent - To define and understand percentages. To write ratios as fractions, decimals and percentages.
Summit Plan
Writing Fractions as Percents - To write a fraction as a percentage by converting it to an equivalent fraction with a denominator of 100. To write a fraction as a percentage by dividing its numerator by its denominator, then converting the resulting decimal to a percent.




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Chemistry Tiered Activity by Interest

 Differentiating Instruction in Science
Core curriculum science materials, aligned by grade level and unit of study (PDF)
NYC K-8 Science Scope and Sequence (2008)
New York City Performance Standards
New York State Science Core Curricula

Physics and Einstein's Theory of Relativity Tiered Activity by Product Choice
Physics of Amusement Park Rides Tiered Activity by Readiness
Physics, High School Tiered Activity - Speed
Physics Tiered Activity by Readiness
Sample Science Unit, K-5

Science, Elementary Tiered Activity - Communities

Science Inquiry
The Educators Reference Desk:  Where You Can Find Lesson Plans

NYS-The Learning Standards and Alternate Performance Indicators for Students with Severe Disabilities


NY State Assessment - Grade 8 Intermediate-Level Test Science Written Test Spring 2008


The University of The State of New York. The State Education Department. Albany, NY 12234, "State Assessment." Intermediate Science Examinations. May 20, 2008. NYSED. 22 Jul 2008 <>.