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 Hey KIds- Open this link...Save it, practice making equivalent fractions, and forming pie charts.
Algebra: Fun with Calendars- Uses a fun mathematical puzzle to demonstrate solving a simple linear equation.
Algebra Game: Activity- Visual simple equation solving.
Algebra/Chemistry Mixture Problems- This lesson will cover the topic of solving mixture problems in algebra and Chemistry. It is intended for Algebra and Chemistry classes at the high school level, but can be used as enrichment or remediation at other levels.
Algebraic Addition- To get the student to realize the rules of signs without the turnoff that he/she may have gotten previously.
Algebraic Factoring- To show the geometric basis of algebraic factoring.
Area, Arithmetic and Algebra- To show how area of rectangles and squares can motivate the learning of multiplication rules for certain binomials.
Awareness of Pre-Algebra Concepts- Since algebra is taught now in most junior high classrooms strictly in the abstract mode, students take it only if it's required and unless they plan to attend a university, they forget most of the algebraic concepts they were taught..
Buy or Lease an Automobile- This lesson deals with comparing which is better to buy or to lease an automobile. The student gets involved as a consumer and researches the different prices of the cars that they may be interested in purchasing.
Coaster Connections- What science and math exist in a roller coaster? You will enter the world of roller coasters via hands-on activities, Internet information, online experts, and computer simulations.
Color, Computers, and Math- This activity looks at additive and subtractive color, light, and conversions between base 10 and base 16.
Corny Equations With Computers and Calculators- Students use a graphing calculator, online calculators, and other tools to explore the profitability of raising corn.
Curve Fitting and the TI-85 Graphing Calculator- This is a step-by-step guide for using the TI-85 Graphing Calculator to do scatter plots using data obtained from sources on the Internet.
Discovering Growth Patterns- The differences between linear (arithmetic) and exponential (geometric) growth functions are emphasized in this lesson.
Fractals- A Fractals Unit for Elementary and Middle School Students.
Functions Made Easy- It will even lend a richer meaning to the social sciences and language arts for functions are basically about relationships and connections.
Games on Graphs (MegaMath)- Graph theory has been used to find the best way to route and schedule airplanes and invent a secret code that no one can crack.
How popular is your favorite site?- Keep track of the counter at you favorite site for several months. Is it increasing, decreasing, or staying the same in popularity?
Linear Algebra Lessons- The object of this lab is to familiarize you with some of the common techniques used in linear algebra.
Locker Problem- Imagine you are at a school that still has student lockers. There are 1000 lockers, all shut and unlocked, and 1000 students.
Math, Baseball, and the San Francisco Giants- The deal is that you will report back to the rest of the math class all the different ways mathematics is used in the game of baseball. This should be a no brainer, or at least you hope!
Mathematics Lessons That Are Fun- On-line games to learn Algebra!
Multiplying and Factoring Polynomials Using Algebra Tiles- To eliminate the frustration and anxiety involved with Multiplying and Factoring polynomials through the usage of Algebra Tiles.
Multiplying Binomials with FOIL- The FOIL method is an easy way to remember how to multiply binomials.
Patterning and Algebra In the Primary Grades- To introduce patterning at the Kindergarten to Grade One level, we start to recognize and talk about patterns using colors, shapes and size. I use a lot of hands on activities and start off with large manipulatives.
Phytagorean Theorem - Interactive Explation of The Phytagorean Theorem
PUMP Algebra Curriculum- It is an attempt to make high school Algebra accessible to all students through the use of situational curriculum materials and an intelligent computer based tutoring system. - Web review for basic math topics
Quadratics are Everywhere- In this lesson plan I will describe the math background of my students, in regards to their knowledge of quadratics. I will then state the activities I have planned for them, specifically the Ball Drop Activity.
Rectangle Pattern Challenges- A fun challenge for your classes!
Simultaneous Equations Using Elimination- The student will be able to solve a system of two equations when there are two unknowns.
Smiling Man- Students will engage in Factoring problems.
Sorting Pennies, A Wagering Activity for Algebra 1- To introduce other methods of solving simultaneous equation besides graphing.
Statistical Analysis- To use data from the Chesapeake Bay; temperature, phosphate, nitrates, salinity, oxygen, and to analyze.
The Power of Algebra- These lesson plans require the free Acrobat reader from Adobe.
Traffic Jam Activity- Here's the problem, which is also sometimes called Traffic Jam.
U.S. Shirts Problem- When PAT-E-OH Furniture Inc. went out of business, you were able to get another job at U. S. Shirts. This is a custom Tee shirt shop that prints shirts for their customers.