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Alkali Metals - Brainiac - Classic demos of the more highly reactive alkali metals in water. (VIDEO)
Core Curriculum Science Materials
Exploratorium - Science Experiments
How to convert Moles to Grams - Dr. Reich converts 3 moles of water into grams of water. Whoops I have a tiny mistake at the end where I forgot to multiply by 3. So, the mass should be 54g of water (not 18g as I listed). More lectures, labs, and projects can be found at VIDEO)
NYC K-8 Science Scope and Sequence
New York State Science Core Curricula
Reeko Science
Science for Kids
Science Lesson Plans - Science Lesson Plan
Science Stuff
Science Stuff Scientific Method, Experiments and more..
Stars in Scale(VIDEO)
Cycle - Adventures of Junior Raindrop
- This animated clip shows Junior Raindrop and his involvement in the water cycle. (VIDEO)
Water News - A dramatized newscast on water quality produced by youth. (VIDEO)

Zoom Science